Corporate Teams

Challenge, fun, activities, learning about individual potential, effective teams and team productivity. In the inspiring setting of Brunei's forests, rivers and jungles.
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Corporate Teams

Challenge, fun, activities, learning about individual potential, effective teams and team productivity. In the inspiring setting of Brunei's forests, rivers and jungles.

INTREPID'S experiential based programmes immerse participants in a series of progressive challenges. Coupled with discussions and review sessions, they present fun, practical situations to test and develop individual skills and group productivity, plus specific work-place skills and communication strategies. 

Programmes utilise well proven methodologies to maximise learning outcomes.

Trust and mutual support are essential foundations for effective teams. 

Our programmes include risk taking exercises that forge closer teamwork and highlight important team effectiveness factors. 

Learning by doing is the basis of our experiential training. 


Corporate Teams - Brunei Bay
Brunei Bay - Corporate Team


Comparative studies of organisational change and personal development training prove that new surroundings greatly increase the retained learning from a training experience. Further, that an experiential format, especially when combined with a wilderness setting and adventurous activities, is the most effective methodology. An experiential training format is relatively fast, and has the most substantial short and long term benefits. 

Learning experiences in INTREPID'S Team Development Programmes are designed to link decisions, actions and consequences. Calculated risk-taking, task requirements, and people considerations all form part of the training experience.

In our unique training situation, the results of team decisions are immediate, clear and personally relevant. Essential organisational tasks - such as meal preparation - can be part of the training process. Success is important for the entire group. The insights and understanding are meaningful and long lasting. 

Team games and challenge activities are used to highlight topics, but real situations in this unusual environment have proven more effective to develop new patterns of group interaction and personal involvement.

Planning is an important programme element. 

Finding the balance between time spent planning and instant action is one learning outcome. 


Our training areas are normally remote and challenging. The natural environment presents realistic problem-solving situations, and the opportunity to see team issues more clearly, without distractions. Review and discussion ensures experiences are related back to the real work setting.

Implementing sound safety practices using equipment which meets recognised international standards is an integral part of the training experience.  

Adventure is a central ingredient of the learning process. An adventure is a step into the unknown. Therefore the written programme cannot possibly contain all the details; that would not be an adventure. The adventure in our programmes creates productive learning experiences.

Our Team Development Programmes are directed by Allan Riches; a professional educator (B.Ed., M.Ed.Admin., MACE, AAIF.) with the relevant academic and practical qualifications, and 25 years experience designing and conducting adventure based wilderness training. Allan helped established Outward Bound centres in a number of countries, and consulted with users and standards organisations in the testing, selection and design of safety equipment for adventurous training. He developed Risk Management procedures for a number of adventure based training organisations and instigated major changes in the engineering and construction of adventure training activities and apparatus throughout the Asia Pacific region. As a Churchill Fellow he visited forty adventure based training organisations in North America and Europe to learn their training and safety practices.

With this background, INTREPID'Sclients can be assured that safety and effective learning outcomes are an integral part of all programmes. 

Planning, good organisation, personal commitment and effective communication.  

The ingredients for a well earned jungle meal; and an effective business or government enterprise.

All our Team Development Programmes are designed to support corporate goals, so developmental outcomes are beneficial for individuals, and the organisation. Each programme is different, to cater for specific organisational goals and team capabilities.

INTREPID'S has a variety of venues and activity options available, within and adjacent to Brunei. 

Talk to us about how your next staff training programme can become a lot more fun, and a lot more effective. 

Brunei Bay - Corporate Team


A member of: The Outdoor Recreation Industry Council of Australia

For information about team development programmes contact Allan Riches:

Please let us know your contact details and programm you like to take: Team Building or Corporate Event

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