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Jerudong Park Playground

The magnificent "Crystal Arch" stands as a majestic sentry, at the entrance of the Playground Gardens and the road leading to Istana Nurul Izzah. It has become one of the countrys most recognizable icons. Weighing 7 tons, it is the largest known diamond replica in the world shimmering in the soft light of dusk and brilliant as coloured lasers spear through its centre to refract shots of neon light at night!
Beautifully landscaped gardens are the setting for this state of the art amusement centre. The range of rides will satisfy the most ardent thrill seeker, the fun lover, children of all ages, as well as mum and dad. The parkland setting   is a delightful refreshing place for laughs, relaxation, or to take an evening stroll.  It is an extremely popular evening venue for locals and tourist alike. Members of the Royal Family are often seen entertaining their friends and guests here too!

The up-market food court, with its selection of regional and international cuisine - including some well-known food chains - makes a pleasant setting for an outdoor meal. The internet cafe lets international visitors catch up with friends.

In a hurry to do every ride, or just want to enjoy the scene? Park facilities include a fleet of 5 seat electric buggies operating a continuous shuttle service.
Enter the Sky Tower as it gently rotates and rises 78 metres to reveal a magnificent 360 degree panoramic view, or take a virtual reality trip in one of the custom built simulators that have specially designed programs for Jerudong Park!

Why not really challenge the senses with more demanding rides such as "Pusing Lagi"! Literally translated from Malay as "another turn", it is normal to experience the skip of a heartbeat when this mighty custom built suspended roller coaster, traveling at 80kph, along 810 metres of track, delivers five inversions around tight corkscrew curls at a 5 G force rate! Definitely not for the faint heart, but extremely popular!

Young children are well catered for in their own specially designed section of the Playground that incorporates play equipment, custom built "baby" Dodgems, a miniature train, radio controlled boats and trucks, and a spectacular replica of French Carousel - best described as a revolving work of art!

With only a Bn$1 entry fee, the playground swings, slides, play areas and lawns make Jerudong Park Playground an attractive family destination in the evenings.  There is something for grandparents to toddlers.  A Rides Pass at Bn$5 for children and Bn$15 for adults gives access to all the rides and simulators that day.  The Playground rides begin operation at 5 pm, and apart from a break at evening prayers, run through until 12 midnight, or later. Only rain can stop the action.

Despite approximately 2,000 visitors to the Playground daily, the variety of rides and the dispersed layout amongst landscaped parkland, means there is little congestion, and long queues are rare. Some rides will operate just for you.





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