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INTREPID TOURS  operates travel programmes throughout northern Sarawak. These programmes range from day and overnight trips, to up to two week integrated experiences that immerse our guests in the culture, wildlife and environment.

We have operational bases in Miri and Mulu, from where we manage our visitor programmes in these areas.

We design and operate  tailor-made programmes for couples, families, special interest groups and schools.

As usual, we tailor the programme to suit guest needs, matching accommodation facilities, local tours, activities, cultural experiences, nature experiences, guides, modes of transport and programme pace to suit available time, personal preferences and budget.

Our programme designs aim to integrate the contrasting diversity of culture and environment in Sarawak to create an intriguing, thought prevoking, engaging and fun series of travel experiences.

Each day can be very different. Different in accommodation style (jungle hammock, community home-stay, island retreat or luxury resort), transport mode (hiking, express bus, limousine, river boat, or slow train) and activity (white water rafting, mountain hike, museums/displays, craft shopping, traveling).

Because we live and travel in North West Borneo, we know the people, drivers, guides, venues, attractions, transport modes, accommodation and activities. And because we are not part of an international multi-level travel marketing chain, we can focus on integrating these options to suit the travel needs of our clients, considering the social and environmental impact of travel on the local communities, and creating great value-for-money travel experiences for our guests.

For a memorable travel experience in Sarawak, please use the options below to contact INTREPID TOURS so you too can enjoy a great holiday in North West Borneo.   


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Licensed Tour Operator - KPSU/TDD/2002/27 TO

A member of the: 
Association of Travel Agents, Brunei (ATAB)
and the
Outdoor Recreation Industry Council of Australia

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