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1. Please send us your contact details.

2. Ask your questions so we can help you with the information you need.

3. We will normally reply within two to five days (sometimes we are away organising cruises).

4. You probably already have an idea about what you'd like to include in your cruise, approximately when and where you wish to first enter Indonesia, and approximately when and where you expect to exit Indonesia. If so, let us know in the form below. If you have not yet made decisions and wish to just ask questions, go ahead.

5. The actual cruise route, duration and schedule inside Indonesia is quite flexible, and can adapt and change as you proceed.  We can help with suggestions, ideas and answers to your questions.

Please check your email address is correct, so we can reply.

If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, please check your SPAM/JUNK MAIL folder

If you use HOTMAIL, authorise us to send you emails, or check your JUNK Mail folder for our replies.


 We will reply to your shore email address - unless you advise otherwise.   

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      1. Present mobile phone number: in the format +country code  area code  number. May be useful for contact.

      2. Yachts will need a functional mobile phone that can be fitted with an Indonesian SIM card,
          to facilitate shore based sms/text communications with
CruiseINDONESIA staff, our 
          local area co-ordinators
and service providers when in range of mobile phone services in Indonesia.
          This phone should be capable of Whatsapp and/or WeChat; for convenience, and to minimise communication costs. 

      3. Sail or Motor: please indicate if your yacht is principally Sail or Motor powered

      4. Yacht Radio Callsign: is the official, licensed, marine HF/SSB radio callsign for the yacht. Not a
          personal HAM callsign.

      5. Yachts will need a functional HF/SSB radio for General and Distress communications. It is strongly recommended
          this radio be a modern marine HF/SSB radio with DSC; eg ICOM M801(E) or ICOM M802(DSC).

      6. Yachts will need on-board email communications; to receive information and notifications, to
          maintain contact with
CruiseINDONESIA staff and local area co-ordinators, and to send position reports.

      7. Arrival and departure ports can be chosen from the 18 Indonesian ports listed as official entry and departure ports
         for cruising yachts. The officials at these ports are specially trained and familiar with cruising yacht requirements.    

      8. Arrival and departure date does not need to be specific. Month and year is sufficient; if known.


  Please enter your questions and other information below:

   Please tell us about your CruiseINDONESIA interests, such as  cruise preferences, general route, venues, events,
    attractions etc you might wish to include.

   Please tell us is you already have a small group of yachts which would like to team together to create a cruising
   fleet with a similar starting date and route.

   And your questions.


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