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Rapid Riders

Intrepid Tours provides visitors to the Ulu Temburong National Park with novel and fun ways to travel.  


Inflatable air mattresses gave each person the chance to ride with the current, floating quietly through pools, and riding the pressure waves, or drops down the rapids. But deflating experiences were often part of the trip, as the light duty air mattresses succumbed to the sudden bumps and scrapes.

Intrepid Tour's Managing Director recently re-designed the humble air mattress into a more durable river riding craft. Heavy duty raft fabric, quality raft manufacturing techniques, glues and inflation valve, have created a fun and robust mode of river travel; we call it our Rapid Rider.  


Spot the yellow Rapid Rider - with paddler - in this picture.

Similar in size and handling qualities to the air mattress, the Rapid Riders are included in our day tour, overnight and our multi-day packages. They are also available for rent to visitors staying at our Rainforest Lodge.  Helmets and life-jackets (PFD1) are supplied for each rider.

This Rapid Rider is entering the top of a rapid.  

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