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River Rafts 

Intrepid Tours inflatable river rafts have been specially chosen for Temburong River conditions, and the convenience of paddlers. These  rafts are a major advance on the original fleet (pictured here).

Our Managing Director pioneered the use of inflatable rafts on the Temburong River in 1994. Considerable experience has been incorporated into the design and materials for our latest craft. 

The new rafts feature self bailing inflatable floors, increased buoyancy (for heavier clients!), greater rigidity, higher bow and stern turns-up (less water aboard in the bigger pressure waves), and improved directional stability. 

Intrepid Tours rafting trips begin with a safety briefing, and instruction on raft control, reading the river currents, and correct use of safety equipment. Our rafts come complete with a revised paddle design, the latest development in PFD1 life-jackets, throw bags and helmets that meet the revised international standard for lightweight protective helmets suitable for adventure sports.

Safety equipment selection and operating practices are a high priority for  Intrepid Tours operations. International visitors will recognise the use of safety equipment that meets European, American and Australian standards in all our tour operations.  

The Temburong River is ideal for new paddlers. The grade 1 and 2 rapids provide sufficient challenge for those just developing their skills. Families and school groups in particular find the fun and challenge a great experience. Encounter Borneo trips begin with plenty of practice and the early rapids are chosen to learn how the raft responds, and to develop the teamwork.   

The self bailing floors in our rafts let everyone chose the roughest, bumpiest ride through the pressure waves without filling up with water!

These new boats are designed for up to eight rafters, but for most of our trips, we assign  teams of four to six paddlers. 

This crew picks the right path through a rapid while testing the new equipment.


Staff training is conducted by our Managing Director - Allan Riches - who has over 20 years experience running Outward Bound and similar adventure based organisations.

The Temburong River has a mixture of quiet pools to drift or paddle through, and regular rapids. Rafting down river after a day or two exploring the jungles of the Ulu Temburong National Park is a fun mixture of thrills and gentle paddling.  Listening to the jungle sounds and watching for birds and other wildlife is part of the experience.

These new rafts are made of exceptionally tough fabrics. 

Heavy duty paddles, plus the latest technology helmets and  life-jackets  (PFD1s) are imported specially for Intrepid Tours 

Contact Intrepid Tours for details of the Ulu Temburong National Park tours that incorporate rafting, or our special Temburong River rafting trips for a fun day's outing. 

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