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Sail & Powerboat Certificates

Intrepid's Yachtmaster training courses include the full range of theory and practical sessions in the Yacht Cruising, Powerboat and Motor Cruising schemes.  

Learn navigation, boat handling, sailing, safety equipment, passage planning, radio operation and safety procedures.  Have fun exploring the islands of Brunei Bay and adjacent coastlines. Visit Keraman Island, Pulau Tiga, Labuan, Kota Kinabalu. 

Entry level training includes the Small Craft Safety course, and Competent Crew course. Inshore Skipper (Day Skipper) and Offshore Skipper (Coastal Skipper) theory and practical courses are also available. 

Intrepid Yachting is authorised to teach AYF sailing school programmes in the Dinghy Sailing & Racing schemes, Yachtmaster Sail and Power Cruising schemes, Yacht Racing scheme, and Powerboat scheme. 


Intrepid Yachting  is an Australian Yachting Federation  Recognised Teaching Establishment. The Principal is a qualified AYF Yachtmaster Instructor.

Training schemes follow standards established by the Australian Yachting Federation and Royal Yachting Association, for recreational sail and power craft certification.

B-14 - high performance sailing dinghy training off Serasa Sit

Enclosed waterways adjacent to the Brunei River provide a safe and sheltered training ground for basic skills in yachts, powerboats and sailing dinghies.

The open waters of Brunei Bay are the venue for more advanced seamanship, boat handling and navigation tasks required for powerboat and keelboat certificates.

Islands and harbours in Brunei Bay give a range of approach and anchorage tasks, as well as pleasant overnight venues, either on board or ashore. Calm mornings can be used to swim, explore ashore, and prepare the next passage plan.

The warm waters of Brunei Bay make capsizing, dinghy handling, man overboard and other training experiences attractive and fun to learn. 

Families can enjoy the training too, sailing and relaxing together, while one or more parents practice their skills under the guidance of Intrepid Yachting's instructor. 

Coastal Skipper practical - at anchor in Brunei Bay

Coastal passages to attractive destinations in Brunei Bay and along the coast of Brunei and Sabah are used to accumulate sea  time and practice Day (Inshore) and Coastal (Offshore) skipper skills.

Putting theory in practice

Australian Yachting Federation training and certificates issued by Intrepid Yachting are recognised by the RYA and other National Sailing Authorities around the world.

All courses for new entrants to the training scheme include an Australian Yachting Federation log book with completed sections verified and signed. The log book can be used to record additional courses at other AYF/RYA training centres around the world. 

These qualifications are often pre-requisites for yacht hire in popular bare boat cruising areas of the world. AYF/RYA qualifications can  reduce charter yacht insurance charges. 

The Small Craft Safety (theory) course and Power Boat handling (practical) training is the recommended course to learn about correct safety gear, EPIRBs, radio procedures, passage planning, boat seaworthiness and basic pilotage techniques.

Brunei Bay's pleasant conditions have enticed many people to take up recreational boating. The great weather, gentle seas and warm water are ideal for weekend trips to explore locations around the bay, for fishing, or to spend the night at Labuan or Keraman Islands.

Powerboat handling, equipment & pilotage for enclosed and coastal waters

Intrepid Yachting's craft include an 11 metre yacht equipped to Category One safety standard, a six metre aluminium power boat,  and a high performance B14 sailing dinghy.

Yachtmaster training to Brunei Bay islands - a fun family outing


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