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Intrepid Tours

Tours and tailor-made travel

 in North West Borneo -

Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak

Intrepid TourS' programmes and tours are based upon the outstanding cultural and natural heritages of North West Borneo - Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak.

We operate different programme styles to suit visitor requirements for short or long vacations:

Local tours in Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak that include cultural, and natural heritage attractions. These pre-packaged tours suit a range of visitor interests, holiday goals and personal travel schedules. From a few hours to a few days.  See our regular tours under each tour category:

Kingdom, Culture & Lifestyle:
     - Bandar Seri Begawan

     - Temburong

     - Ulu Temburong National Park
     - Mangroves - Brunei River & Brunei Bay
     - Tasek Merimbun

Bay & Islands:
     - Wreck diving in Brunei Bay
     - Reef diving along Brunei's coast
     - Island excursions

Royal Experience:
     - Polo & riding at Jerudong Park
     - Golf at Royal Brunei Golf & Country Club
     - Jerudong Park Playground - for children

Brunei Stopover programmes combine tours, transfers and accommodation especially for people breaking their long haul flights in Brunei.  Focus on culture, activities, environment or sports. From a few hours to a few days.   

Fully guided tailor-made programmes combining accommodation, activities, tours and travel from five to twenty five days in Brunei and adjacent Sabah and Sarawak. Some parts of these tailor-made programmes are vehicle based, moving from venues, accommodation and attractions along a pre-planned route with the convenience of our private transport and drivers to manage each component. Some sections can include hiking trails, riverboats, overnight cabins or longhouses, a yacht, raft, train or jungle hammock.  

"Self drive" tailor-made programmes with accommodation, transfers, local transport and local tours pre-arranged along the route. This option is often chosen by couples and families seeking the independence, low-cost and local interaction of public transport - express buses, trains, taxis etc -  but who also want the re-assurance and time efficiency of a pre-arranged schedule, reliable local transport, selected guides, and guaranteed accommodation.  Guests bring their mobile phone to keep in touch with our office via SMS/test messages as they progress along their journey.

We create these longer travel experiences to suit specific client preferences. We integrate our extensive knowledge of venues, accommodation, tours, activities, transport and local people along the route. We pre-book the chosen accommodation, tours, transfers, guides, transport to control prices and service reliability. 

We provide an active tour management service during your  programme to update/remind venues, local guides, transport operators etc of your schedule so your programme falls into place smoothly.

Comfortable living standards in Brunei means local wildlife is not hunted for food. Wildlife can be found living close to urban areas. 

Our tailor made programmes integrate tours, travel and accommodation to give clients their preferred mix of traditional lifestyle, local practices, adventure, information, free-time, wildlife, cultural understanding, activity, shopping, and relaxation. 

We often include local community accommodation and tour guides as this gives visitors an immersion in the lifestyle and culture, and directs tourism income to these communities; thereby helping to preserve the forest habitats, local wildlife and visitor attractions.  

Intrepid Tours has a substantial investment in boats, vehicles, radios, rafts, helmets, buildings, activity structures, life-jackets and other  equipment. 

The combination of our Managing Director's background with our trained local staff and selected equipment gives Intrepid Tours' guests the unique reassurance of internationally recognised safety and operating practices, plus detailed local knowledge, tour co-ordination, and visitor support.

We want your visit to be a smooth and enjoyable holiday experience. 

Enjoying local foods with afternoon tea following a visit to Ulu Temburong National Park

Depending on visitor preferences, our longer programmes often integrate We operate our own tours and resources with our selected partner attractions, transport, accommodation and guides to achieve:

  • enjoyable holiday experiences for our guests

  • informative tours to build understanding

  • a variety of guide styles, information and backgrounds

  • fun activities that suit guest preferences

  • environmentally sensitive operations

  • safety and security for visitors and staff 

  • local community participation and jobs

  • preservation of local community lifestyles

  • tourism income for the local people who do the work

Intrepid Tours will create and manage your value-for-money Borneo holiday so it becomes a memorable travel experience. 

We look forward to seeing you here.

Allan J Riches  B.Ed., M.Ed.Admin., MACE, AAIF
Managing Director


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Licensed Tour Operator - KPSU/TDD/2002/27 TO

A member of the: 
Association of Travel Agents, Brunei (ATAB)
and the
Outdoor Recreation Industry Council of Australia

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Kingdom Culture
Stop Over Tour
Kingdom Culture
Stop Over Tour
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