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Mission Statement

Intrepid Tours is a Brunei based tour operator providing activities, accommodation, travel, tours and packages in North West Borneo - Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak. 

Our Mission Statement reflects our extensive experience in North-West Borneo, our commitment to quality travel experiences, local education and development, our strong business ethics, and the area's potential as a unique, attractive and exciting destination. 

  • To operate visitor experiences that are fun, intriguing, educational, challenging, relaxing, engaging and intellectually stimulating.

  • To provide high standards of operational safety, programme quality and service reliability.

  • To design and operate travel experiences that suit the specific needs of small-groups, families, schools, couples, special interest and activity oriented clients.

  • To creatively integrate our eighteen years experience with venues, transport options, accommodation services, guides, communities, activities and people in NW Borneo into rewarding holiday experiences.

  • To educate visitors in the cultural, religious and environmental uniqueness of Borneo so they may become more informed members of the international community.

  • To promote environmental preservation on Borneo through operating standards, programme content, business associations and directing visitor income to the local people actually do the work.  

  • To preserve the traditional cultures and lifestyles of Borneo by supporting and developing community based visitor operations and directing the income to these people.

  • To operate with high standards of business ethics in our relationships with our clients, staff, agents and suppliers. 

  • To provide income for local partners and communities to facilitate staff training, visitor safety and programme quality, and to reduce the need for local communities to rely on illegal logging, wildlife hunting and other environmentally destructive practices. 

  • To build mutually beneficial business relationships with operators, suppliers and agents who share our values. 

Borneo contains an exciting array of cultures, environments, wildlife and  activities. Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak have diverse social, political, economic and religious characteristics within and between these three states.  In this dynamic mix,
Intrepid Tours creates and operates tour experiences that are informative, fun, safe and educational.     

We place a strong emphasis on directing tourism income to the people in local communities who do the work, so the attractions of today will be here for future generations to enjoy. Local communities that receive a fair income from visitor operations are less susceptible to inducements leading to illegal logging, hunting, fishing and habitat destruction. 

Intrepid Tours works with local community groups to establish consistent safety and operating standards and supports them with access to communication services, specialist information, equipment and training for tour management and activity safety.  This helps them retain their communities, preserve the environment, and give their children the food, housing and education they need to live successfully in a changing world.  It empowers them with the opportunity to make choices about their future. 

We look forward to sharing with you the amazing experiences of Borneo and introducing you to the unique people, culture, activities, rainforest and wildlife.

Allan J Riches  B.Ed., M.Ed.Admin., MACE, AAIF
Managing Director



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Licensed Tour Operator - KPSU/TDD/2002/27 TO

A member of the: 
Association of Travel Agents, Brunei (ATAB)
and the
Outdoor Recreation Industry Council of Australia

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