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Brunei's protected natural heritage is a playground for land and water based activities. The jungle and rivers are the venue for a variety of activities; choose an Intrepid Tours programme to suit your interests, fitness and quest for excitement.  

Our rainforest activities in Brunei focus on Temburong.  Fast water taxi access from Bandar Seri Begawan makes this the most accessible primary rainforest on Borneo. The hilly terrain, no road access, travel by traditional longboat, raft or walking trail, and National Park status,  preserves and protects the area.  

Intrepid Tours has accommodation and visitor support venues in Temburong. 

Just five minutes drive takes visitors to the mangrove lined river where we board our aluminum boat for our evening River Safari.

At the Ulu Temburong National Park we use the Forestry department's  overnight accommodation in modern 2 to 4 bed bunkrooms in recently built buildings.  This facility is 12 kms upstream from Batang Duri, on the Temburong River, accessible only by longboat. Ceiling fans circulate the air while the generator is running. It is generally cooler here at night.  Our staff provide the meals and our boatmen and guides stay overnight for safety and to assist with early morning activities. 

Afternoon tea in the Temburong rainforest.

This same Temburong rainforest that attracts international scientists to study at the University of Brunei Darussalam's Kuala Belalong Field Study Centre, is the setting for Intrepid Tours' eco-activity tours and packages. This is a unique environment to explore, enjoy and discover; an inspiring venue for experienced eco-tourists and a gentle introduction for the less hardy explorer. 

Our white water rafting on the grade 1 and 2 rapids of the Temburong River is ideal for families and beginners. 


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