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CruiseINDONESIA has been established to help international and regional cruising yacht owners - along with their friends and relatives - enjoy the delights of an extended cruise through Indonesia's diverse archipelago.

The delights of cruising Indonesia include:

Spectacular scenery and unique wildlife - which create a constantly changing cruising environment. Beautiful anchorages, smouldering volcanoes, crystal clear water, jungle covered mountains and pristine white beaches.

Diverse traditional and religious influences - which underpin a wide variety of cultural experiences within the same country. Nearby towns, communities and islands can reveal completely new cruising and learning experiences. 

Historical influences - create attractions to be explored. For example, Dutch forts from the Spice Island era, or WWII relics, structures, wrecks and monuments that still endure.

Low-cost cruising - shore excursions, meals and services are amongst the lowest in the region due to the local cost of living, and the exchange rate. Save money every day and extend the cruising budget by staying  longer in Indonesia.   

Helpful people, regional government and local businesses - which welcome cruising yachts and value the income, cultural interaction and language skills brought by cruising yacht crews. The Indonesian Government is committed to expand marine based tourism as a means to bring business and income growth to local communities and SMEs in this large and diverse nation living on over seventy thousand islands.

Creating a CruiseINDONESIA- Fleet is easy:

  1. Discuss with some like-minded cruising friends about forming a CruiseINDONESIA fleet of two to ten yachts (4 to 30 people).

  2. Decide on the desired cruise duration and likely route. Consider places, events, attractions you'd like to include inside Indonesia. And being in a location to extend your Visas when needed. Where you expect to go to continue your cruise in other parts of SE Asia,  and where you expect to journey when you depart SE Asia. These topics should help identify which areas and routes for your fleet.

  3. Give yourselves time to explore Indonesia. There is a lot to see and do. Past experience shows that rushing will impose unnecessary stress and pressure on crews and yachts. Cruising Indonesia should be a vacation. Slow down, explore and enjoy. Six months is a reasonable average cruise period with sufficient time to see the highlights, participate in some local events, enjoy the islands, people, culture; and relax. There is too much to miss if you rush through Indonesia in just a month or two.

  4. Determine the fleet's expected initial start date and the initial arrival point into Indonesia. (Choose from one of the 18 official cruising yacht entry/exit points in Indonesia.) 

  5. Determine the fleet's expected departure date and exit port from Indonesia.  (Choose from one of the 18 official cruising yacht entry/exit points in Indonesia.) 

  6. Complete the Cruise INDONESIA enquiry form. Be sure to list the other yachts which expect to be part of the same fleet.

  7. For busy start points or popular cruising periods, we may suggest a particular start date to help minimise congestion. We prefer fleets start at least two weeks apart, so each group has some flexibility to adjust their schedule on-route, without bumping into other Cruise INDONESIA fleets.  Although there could be local events that occasionally attract numerous fleets to create routes which intersect for a period.

  8. Pay some money (see the CAIT page) so we can initiate the procedure to obtain CAITs for all the fleet, and send these and other documentation so participating crews have time to arrange Visas and other details.

Our unique CruiseINDONESIA-CAIT 

  1. For each yacht to cruise up to 3 months in Indonesia. Subsequent renewals/extensions for additional three month periods can be conveniently arranged.

  2. Includes a positive position reporting service. Participating yachts  submit (by email) one or two daily position reports which are monitored by Cruise INDONESIA staff.

  3. Includes a Sponsor Letter to facilitate visa applications. Each crew member needs a valid pre-arranged visa in their passport prior to embarking from their last port to Indonesia. (Note: Passports     must have at least 6 months validity - before expiry -  to enter Indonesia).

  4. CAITs and Sponsor Letter will be scanned for prompt email to the applicant. The original documents will be sent by POST.  Courier fees may be an additional cost for urgent requests.

  5. Details of our Local Area Co-ordinator at the yacht's planned arrival and departure ports (ie 1 of the 18 official entry/departure ports for yachts) will be emailed prior to arrival.  

(CAIT = Clearance Approval for Indonesian Territory.) 

Our unique Cruise INDONESIA-Support Service:

  1. Gives each articipating yacht a quick response, problem-solving, support and advice network utilising the considerable resources of Raymond (in Indonesia) and Allan (Brunei Bay Radio) and the Cruise INDONESIA network of Local Area Co-ordinators.

  2. This is a monthly subscription service; US$100 per month per participating yacht; with discounts for fleets.   

  3. Assistance can include advice regarding boat or engine repairs, urgent haul-out, access to local repair people, medical facilities, negotiations with local officials, shipping of boat parts, arrival or departure of friends or relatives, and contact details of our Local Area Co-ordinators for advice with anything from tours, shore      transport, food, restaurants or fuel supplies. And boat security while travelling to inland attractions.

  4. Participating yachts will receive an Indonesian SIM card - sent with their original CAIT document -  so they have quick response access to local phone network based email and sms support (with Raymond and/or our Local Area Co-ordinator) from the moment they approach their Indonesian arrival port. 

Our unique Cruise INDONESIA-Arrival service:

  1. Our Local Area Co-ordinator at the port where each yacht arrives into Indonesia will assist with email and/or phone contact advice regarding arrival route and anchorage.

  2. Our Local Area Co-ordinator  will take relevant documents to all the authorities to   process the yacht's CIQP (Customs, Immigration, Quarantine, Port) arrival formalities. This is to ensure all processing occurs according to the actual requirements, without unexpected problems or charges.  Pay US$50 directly to our Local Area Co-ordinator

  3. Correct entry formality processing will minimise the possibility of future difficulties when entering other ports/harbours, and in the case of special needs, such as illness, changing crew, arrival/departure of relatives etc.

Our unique Cruise INDONESIA-Departure service:

  1. Our Local Area Co-ordinator  will take relevant documents to all the authorities to   process the yacht's CIQP (Customs, Immigration, Quarantine, Port) departure formalities. This will ensure all processing occurs according to the actual requirements, without unexpected problems or charges.  Pay US$50 directly to our Local Area Co-ordinator


Notes for our unique Cruise INDONESIA-Support Service:

1. Fees for visas, visit pass extensions, port charges etc along the route are not included. These will depend upon the chosen route, local procedures, courier fees etc. Cruise INDONESIA-Staff will advise in advance how to structure the route and schedule to help minimise these charges. Cruise INDONESIA's Local Area Co-ordinator will provide on the spot advice,  and local liaison, to help minimise these charges.

2. Optional local events, activities, tours, shore excursions, accommodation etc along the way.  These are on a cash payment basis to our Local Area Co-ordinator, or direct to the services they recommend.

3. In some locations, our Local Area Co-ordinator will arrange anchorages, yacht security, support/information about local resources etc using the established capabilities of local tour operators, venues etc so owners feel comfortable about leaving yachts at anchor - for a day and perhaps a night or two in some locations - to venture inland to experience what the region has to offer in terms of cultural and natural heritage experiences.

For example, climb a mountain, stay in a community home-stay with a local family, watch wildlife from a hide, take a dawn walk to see birds, share a family meal cooked by your host on their kitchen's open-fire, ride an open truck at night to see owls, cobras and other predators, sleep in a jungle hammock to look for Orangutans at dawn, or sleep on the beach to watch turtles at night. 

For those yachts joining our Cruise INDONESIA-Support Service,  details of local area co-ordinators, services, facilities etc will be emailed to participants about a week before arriving at key venues.

4. On-board email is required by all Cruise INDONESIA participating yachts. So we can reliably communicate  where ever the yacht is located. On-board email is also required for participating yachts to submit their - twice daily - position reports.

Cruise INDONESIA-Support Service yachts with a membership in the not-for-profit SailMail Association (low-cost email via the yacht's HF/SSB radio - designed and operated by yacht owners especially for the needs of racing and cruising yachts) will receive a complimentary  subscription to our BBRemail service. This supplementary 10 minutes daily connection time will facilitate position reporting, and allow yachts to send/receive small attachments such as jpg, pdf, word etc. So it's easy to update blogs, websites etc with photos, reports etc while cruising Indonesia.

8. A mobile phone with Indonesian SIM card is also required so participants have quick access to mobile phone based email and sms services; whenever in range of a phone network. We will send the Indonesian SIM card for Cruise INDONESIA-Support Service participants with the original CAIT document. Yachts need a smart phone capable of sms and free instant messaging - either Whatsapp or WeChat or Skype - and regular phone calls. Phones which are locked by a service contract may not work because they cannot use the Indonesian SIM card.

Why join Cruise INDONESIA?

  • The opportunity to cruise beautiful coasts, uncrowded anchorages, and thousands of islands with small groups of like-minded yachties because Cruise INDONESIA provides the communication, local contacts and support networks to assist you along the way.

  • The confidence to explore and enjoy relatively untouched and isolated areas of Cruise INDONESIA, where more traditional lifestyles and nature's bounty still exist.

  • Email based support for CAIT and immigration/visa related matters.

  • Quick response Email and sms (or whatsapp or wechat or phone based email) based support for problem solving, advice, shore information and our local area co-ordinator network for those yachts which choose our optional Cruise INDONESIA-Support Service.

  • The opportunity to visit venues, meet people, experience diverse cultures, see wildlife and enjoy spectacular scenery in a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is exclusive to yacht owners and crew.

  • The knowledge that your involvement in Cruise INDONESIA will contribute to the cultural and environmental preservation of the regions visited. The income from cruisers will help support local initiatives to protect the environment and preserve the unique cultural identity.

  • And that through the commitment of many individuals and organisations to the development of sustainable, community-based, ecotourism projects and local SMEs, the money which cruisers spend locally will help create income streams that assist to protect and preserve the traditional knowledge, the unique cultures and the diverse natural heritage of Indonesia. 

Making Payments to Cruise INDONESIA is easy:

We have bank accounts in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia  and Brunei. If you have an account in  any of these countries, with an on-line banking service, or you happen to be in one of these countries and can make a cash deposit, or have family or friends managing payments for you in any of these countries, these bank account payment options are convenient and incur minimal or no bank charges.

For people who prefer internet payment services, our options are  Moneybookers/Skrill  account (a Europe based service), or our AlertPay/Payza  account (a North American based service).

We do not use PayPal. Apparently they have payer identity issues and PayPal can therefore be reluctant to pay out cash to the recipient.

We do  not use credit card directly, because of the significant costs.  But it is possible to fund a Moneybookers/Skrill or AlertPay/Payza account using credit card and use that money to make an on-line transfer to our Moneybookers/Skrill or AlertPay/Payza  account.


For more information, to ask questions, obtain advice about routes that suit your schedule, overall cruising plan and preferences, or to join or create a Cruise INDONESIA fleet, or simply arrange a CAIT, please click on the For inquiries ....  link below.     

Sailing the morning offshore breeze along the west coast of Borneo in January, during the NE/NW Monsoon season.  Clear skies after the overnight rain, and flat seas created by the rain and nearby weather shore.


Please return here regularly to get further details.

updated:  30 October 2017


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