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Cruise INDONESIA provides a new way to think about cruising Indonesia.


  1. Many people focussed on the administrative hurdles of cruising Indonesia; the CAIT, Visas, Customs Bond etc. Joining a large rally seemed to offer the only answer.

  2. Many yacht crews assumed the idea of moving through Indonesia as quickly as possible was the only strategy. Some pushed their boat and themselves - from Darwin to Singapore - to spend no longer than the  initial 2 month VISA period in Indonesia. Others renewed their 2 month VISA, but rushed to exit Indonesia before their initial 3 month CAIT expired. 

Regrettably, this left many cruisers disenchanted with Indonesia as a cruising area because:

  1. They experienced only a small portion of the amazing natural and cultural heritage in Indonesia.

  2. They - and their yachts - were stressed out rushing to achieve a tight schedule based on perceived deadlines, restrictions and administrative hassles.

  3. The route often focussed on reaching highly commercialised - and expensive - tourist-trap locations to complete administrative functions and meet "agents". 

  4. Travelling in a large fleet (eg: 50 to 120 yachts) created the additional stress of congested anchorages, tangled anchor rodes, delays to get ashore, more waiting for CIQP formalities, stressed out local officials and suppliers, inflated prices for goods and services, and sometimes ugly competition amongst cruisers for overwhelmed local services.

This is not our picture of low-stress, vacation style, yacht cruising in Indonesia. Nor is it the reason we go cruising ourselves. And it is certainly not the way to enjoy the diversity and beauty which Indonesia has available in it's vast area; with over seventy thousand islands.

Our Cruise INDONESIA concept is to:

  • Create the opportunity for cruising yacht crews to take best advantage of their floating home to enjoy a leisurely, relaxed, inspiring, rewarding and extended cruise in Indonesia. No rush and low stress.  

  • Make it possible to spend 6 months or more enjoying the eastern islands and attractions of Indonesia; before reaching Singapore area. Our help and organisational base makes the administrative tasks - CAITs and Visas - as simple and straight forward as possible.

  • Provide a supporting network of knowledgeable and committed people to advise and assist. A combination of routine advice and problem solving when needed.

  • Ensure that communication links exist to make all this possible.

The Cruise INDONESIA idea of CRUISE is:

Cruise - the seventy thousand Indonesian islands
Relax - this is Indonesian time
Unwind - you are not on a fixed timetable
Inspired - by the people, the vistas and the places
Secure - with our local contacts, communication and advice
Enjoy - you are on vacation! 

Time pressure - especially in a short-handed cruising yacht - can force decisions that are not prudent seamanship. Indonesia is BIG; an island chain extending across almost 50 degrees of longitude. The Cruise INDONESIA answer is to recommend you assign plenty of time in Indonesia so you can:

  1. Wait a day or three; to take advantage of the predicted wind shift so the passage is more enjoyable, faster, safer and needs less fuel.

  2. Plan passages with stops at islands on the way; so there are fewer night passages.

  3. Make shorter passages in daylight; when navigation issues, fishing nets, fishing platforms and unlit vessels are not the same stressful issue.

Based on these operational principles, Cruise INDONESIA yacht crews can now enjoy an extended cruising vacation in  Indonesia.  Our recommendation is to assign:

  • At least 6 months to enjoy eastern Indonesia. There are so many islands, communities, dives sites, shore venues and historically interesting experiences to explore.

  • Another 3 months to journey from northern Sumatra, along the west coast to Krakatau or Bali to make an exit for the Indian Ocean crossing; for circumnavigating yachts.

REMEMBER that the entire Indonesian archipelago is outside the  Tropical Storm zones of the northern and southern hemispheres.  Therefore it is possible to cruise Indonesia at any time of the year.

To give a yacht based vacation in Indonesia the Cruise INDONESIA definition of CRUISE, our organisation integrates three key elements.

  1. The tireless effort of Raymond Lesmana, - our Operations Director - and long-time local co-ordinator of major yacht rallies in Indonesia. Over the past ten years Raymond has established a network of local contacts throughout the popular yacht cruising areas.

    Raymond has experienced first-hand the difficulties created by a combination of regulations, local mis-interpretation, opportunistic exploitation, and a short-term business perspective in combination with many cruisers' own limitations; language, local knowledge, haste, insecurity, time pressure and a different cultural style.

    Raymond has successfully represented the cruising yachts' situation to government agencies and local authorities to develop solutions. For example, Presidential Decree No.79, 2011 - which has created 18 entry/exit ports for cruising yachts - has helped establish consistency in the administration of exemption from the Indonesian Customs Bond for cruising yachts. 

    Raymond's experience and commitment to the development of marine based tourism has earned him the respect of many cruising yachties, along with the local communities, local businesses and local/regional government officials where international cruising yachts visit. Within the central government he has become the Advisor for Indonesian Sailing Development to the Indonesian Tourism and Creating Economy Ministry. 

  2. Allan Riches - an Australian sailor, yacht owner, Yachtmaster Instructor and Brunei resident since 1993. Allan's past experience operating and developing Outward Bound centres - including a sail training programme - lead him to Brunei to establish their Outward Bound centre, and subsequently into development of adventure and activity based tourism facilities and services. He has been on the executive committee of the private sector tourism association in Brunei for six years, and also the management committee of the BIMP-EAGA Tourism Council, where the principle goal is the development of sustainable, community based eco-tourism; to help communities retain and preserve their cultural and natural heritage.

    Allan established
    BRUNEI BAY RADIO in 2001; to help facilitate the development of remote area tourism - on land and water - in BIMP-EAGA. BRUNEI BAY RADIO also provides the SailMail - low-cost HF/SSB radio email for cruising yachts - service for SE Asia, the NW Pacific and eastern/northern Indian Ocean; including the north and west coasts of Australia. 

    BRUNEI BAY RADIO's email service - BBRemail - is based on the same, efficient, hardware/software combination as the ever popular SailMail service. It also permits small attachments and extended daily connection time. BBRemail was developed to facilitate marine and land based tourism initiatives for communities and small businesses in isolated areas of SE Asia.

    SailMail's low cost email communication makes it simple, cost-effective and convenient for yachts cruising SE Asia to obtain their important weather and safety related information, keep in contact with family, and arrange the daily operational needs of a cruising yacht.  The additional daily connection time provided to SailMail members participating in
    CruiseINDONESIA - via a FOC supplementary BBRemail service -  gives the opportunity to update blogs or websites from isolated anchorages, receive pdf documents with local area information, send photos to family and friends, or send a photo and details of a broken part to the home supplier.  This combined SailMail/BBRemail email capability also helps the CruiseINDONESIA office staff, Local Area Co-ordinators, and Raymond, to keep participating yachts updated, and to respond to any problems encountered, or advise needed. 
    BRUNEI BAY RADIO also provides the central office functions (eg: CAIT applications/renewals, joining Cruise INDONESIA) and communications hub (email & voice communications with yachts, pre & post cruise enquiries) for Cruise INDONESIA.  

  3. Cruise INDONESIA's extensive network of Local Area Co-ordinators - local people living throughout the popular Indonesian cruising grounds.

    This substantial resource of principally government officers (eg: in tourism, and local government authorities), and SME owners (eg: transport services, restaurant owners, tour operators, shore attractions/venues, eco-resorts etc) are people who see a long-term community and business benefit in helping cruising yacht crews enjoy their area. They have contacts and friends in other government agencies - such as  Ports, Customs, Immigration, Security etc - and because they are locals committed to helping locals, they can assist with administrative or boat problems, and other issues which can arise in the cruising lifestyle.

    And also because they are locals, they can advise and assist with services cruising yachts commonly require; mechanics, transport, tours, anchorages, shore excursions, fuel supplies, welding, awning repairs, food supplies, incoming spare part freight, etc.

    Local Area Co-ordinators have been selected and trained by Raymond. Many have experience from involvement with Raymond's previously organised rallies; including Sail Indonesia up until 2011.
    Cruise INDONESIA participants can contact our Local Area Co-ordinators via email when on-board, and text message (or whatsapp or phone based email) or phone based email when in range of Indonesia's mobile phone service. 

For more information, to ask questions, obtain advice about routes that suit your schedule, overall cruising plan and preferences, to join or create a CruiseINDONESIA fleet, or simply to arrange a CAIT and visas, please click on the For inquiries ....  link below.      

Updated: 30 October 2017


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