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is a yacht cruising format developed to help yacht owners - sail or engine powered - utilise the uniquely self-sufficient capability of their water-based home to explore, experience and enjoy cruising Indonesia.

This concept is based upon small fleets of like-minded yachts, starting any time of the year, using a cruise-in-company style, assisted by local and external advice & support from Cruise INDONESIA. Now cruising yachts can sail Indonesia at their leisure, to enjoy the places, the people and the attractions. 

Our Cruise INDONESIA-network includes local people, small businesses and government officers committed to the common goal of facilitating Marine Tourism development in Indonesia. Cruise INDONESIA-crews can seek their advice to discover and enjoy the local cruising grounds and shore attractions.

Cruise INDONESIA is based on the idea that like-minded yacht crews, with similar time schedules, can team together to create  small cruising fleets with a common route, travelling loosely together, linked by HF/SSB radio communications, and supporting each other with advice, shared information, boat repair skills, etc.

Feedback from cruising yachts over the past ten years has highlighted that while many cruisers enjoy the organised functions and events of a structure Indonesian sailing rally, they do not enjoy overcrowded anchorages, overstrained local resources, competing for anchorages, tangled anchor rodes and demand driven price hikes for shore services.

Cruise INDONESIA's cruising format provides the support services of a well organised Indonesian rally, without the demands, congestion or time pressures which large rally fleets impose. Cruisers can now sail Indonesia at their own schedule,  enjoying the places they choose, with small groups of cruising friends.

Our Cruise INDONESIA-network creates the opportunity for yachts to cruise in small fleets - eg: 2 to 10 yachts (approximately 4 to 30 people) - along self-defined routes, at a self defined schedule, integrating attractions, local events, shore excursions, quiet anchorages and activities, for six to thirty six weeks, assisted by Cruise INDONESIA's  office staff, Operations Director - Raymond Lesmana - and our local area co-ordinators; who live along the chosen cruising route.

The  nation of Indonesia is an archipelago with over seventy thousand islands. Deep water between many islands creates a nutrient-rich marine habitat sustaining a vast quantity and variety of life. Many islands are thrust up from those ocean depths, creating spectacular scenery; including smoking volcanoes. Deep trenches separating islands prevented the movement of terrestrial wildlife when sea levels were lower, creating unique micro-habitats of wildlife diversity. 

Some islands are made almost exclusively of old reefs, others of volcanic rock. The combination of rocks, soil, topography  and rainfall create significant variations in the physical environment. Some islands are reminiscent of sunburnt northern Australia, others of a Central American rainforest. 

Unique cultures, traditions and lifestyles have evolved as the human adaptations to living on these often nearby, but separated on  vastly different islands. Cruising Indonesia is like exploring a patchwork quilt; crossing a joint can bring a very different cultural and geographic experience that is yet another completely new journey of discovery.

Cruise INDONESIA's-network of local area co-ordinators has been developed to help cruising yacht crews cross the patchwork quilt. Their local knowledge, relationships with local officials, understanding of the correct application of rules and regulations with regard to cruising yachts, along with knowledge of local tours, visitor attractions, cultural experiences, events, celebrations, repair workshops, fuel, food and other supplies is designed to create a one-stop-shop in each region; to help cruisers enjoy and adapt to the variety encountered while journeying through Indonesia.

This knowledge is backed-up by Raymond Lesmana's significant experience managing rallies in Indonesia (including Sail Indonesia till 2011), including his contacts in central and regional government, along with his regular trips to update and train our Local Area Co-ordinators, backed up by our central office support and communication systems.

The Cruise INDONESIA-support service - available to participating yachts - provides route planning guidance from Raymond and Allan, along with emailed information and updates on-route, local information and advice from our helpful Local Area Co-ordinators, - so yacht crews feel confident to undertake their journeys through these beautiful, rewarding, less complex and less commercialised regions. This support service also includes assistance with problem solving, such as route changes, boat repairs, crew changes, spare parts, incoming freight, arrival/departure of family and friends, etc.

The Cruise INDONESIA-concept aims to give participating yachts the time to explore, relax and interact.  Our goal is to facilitate a  comfortably paced, cruise-in-company experience, based on the groups' goals, with the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances or to enjoy an unexpected shore experience, anchorage or community. Most cruisers are on vacation, and that's what we are here to facilitate.  

The Cruise INDONESIA-routes are recommendations of where yachts might like to journey to see and enjoy the area, and in some places, to integrate local events, tours, attractions etc. Some larger towns along the route will have more extensive local support services, repair workshops, air freight services etc, where local officials and our Local Area Co-ordinators can provide advice about places to explore, enjoy and visit; either nearby ashore, or  further along the future sailing route. 

To minimise congestion, competition for limited resources, environmental damage at anchorages, overwhelming local shore facilities and services, and demand pressure on local prices, Cruise INDONESIA-fleets are based upon a minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 yachts (4 to 30 crew). 

We recommend an optimum Cruise INDONESIA-fleet size of 3 to 6 yachts (6 to 18 crew) to take best advantage of price reductions available for shore services, likely local transport resources (eg: mini-vans), shore accommodation, cafe and workshop capacities, to avoid anchorage congestion or overstressing local capabilities, but also provide the mutual self-support advantages of a few yachts travelling together.

It is expected that like-minded cruising yachts will team up into fleets to embark on their Cruise INDONESIA journey, based upon their available start date, interests, speed of travel and expected finish date. A Cruise INDONESIA-fleet will therefore begin their Indonesian cruise when the group is ready to begin. The Cruise INDONESIA office will help co-ordinate start dates at popular entry ports, so our cruise fleets begin about two weeks apart, to avoid congestion, competition for anchorages, and to give flexibility for individual yachts to linger longer at some places or move ahead of the group at others.  

The advantages of cruising Indonesia with a group of like-minded cruising friends in a Cruise INDONESIA-fleet include:

  1. Mutual self-support in the case of equipment failure, choosing anchorages, obtaining waypoints, or problems (eg: crew illness/accident, equipment failure or boat damage).

  2. The fleet can divide into smaller sub-groups for particular stops or attractions, but remain linked together via their HF/SSB radio communication, position reports and skeds.

  3. Group bookings via our Local Area Co-ordinators, to help reduce the price of shore services, including tours, transport, accommodation, fuel deliveries etc.

  4. The confidence to explore off the beaten track, to enjoy the less commercialised and more traditional communities, islands, towns and peaceful anchorages, where the income from cruisers will contribute directly to the local economy and the development of marine based tourism.

  5. Minimise congestion and environmental damage (eg: from anchors) at popular stops, attractions, venues, etc.

  6. Assistance with local resources - such as fuel supply, spare parts, engine repairs, welding etc - from our Local Area Co-ordinators

  7. Our central office support for renewal of CAITs, visas, parts supply, shipping spare parts, local haul-out options, crew arrival/departure, etc.

  8. Support from our central office,  Raymond and Allan with advice on routes, anchorages, shore resources, regulations, boat repairs, local contacts and problem-solving.

  9. Discount pricing for our CruiseINDONESIA-CAIT and  CruiseINDONESIA-support service.


For more information, to ask questions, obtain advice about routes that suit your schedule, overall cruising plan and preferences, to join or create a CruiseINDONESIA fleet, or simply to arrange a CAIT and visa, please click on the For inquiries ....  link below.     

updated: 30 October 2017


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