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CAIT Service

CruiseINDONESIA-CAIT service is used by small groups of yachts which join together to create a CruiseINDONESIA-fleet; to enjoy cruising Indonesia for 6 weeks or more.

The CruiseINDONESIA-CAIT service is also available to individual yachts cruising Indonesia, rally and race participants, and for yachts making a quick passage through Indonesia.


The Indonesian CAIT  - Clearance Approval for Indonesian Territory - is required for all privately owned yachts (engine or sail powered) with foreign registration which plan to cruise, sail or pass through Indonesian territory. It is required for independent yachts, and also for yachts which are part of a rally or race fleet; any yacht that wishes to sail Indonesia. 

The CAIT must be applied for in advance, so a copy (and preferably the original) is on-board - along with visas for each person - when arriving into Indonesia.

CAIT processing can take 2 to 10 weeks, so it is important to initiate an application well in advance of arrival. Major events and celebrations in Indonesia - such as the Moslem fasting month and subsequent Hari Raya festivities - can create a 6 to 8 week delay to the regular 2 weeks processing period.  So please plan ahead.

The advantages of our CruiseINDONESIA-CAIT service include:

  • Advice and support for the critical entry and departure formalities. This minimises the potential for ongoing difficulties at subsequent ports/harbours on-route.

  • Access to our Local Area Co-ordinator at arrival and departure ports to process arrival/departure procedures (US$50 per boat) to ensure correct processing, avoid  unexpected special fees, and to minimise future opportunities to fabricate complications or additional charges.

  • Support with CAIT or immigration/visa requirements or problems on-route. For example illness/accident that requires crew to depart and new crew to arrive. Or arrival/departure of family or friends for a section of the cruise/transit.

  • Access to the knowledge, experience and contacts - regional and central government, local businesses and tourism stakeholders - of Raymond Lesmana to assist with unexpected changes, and any CAIT related local authority issues or problems on-route.

  • Positive position reporting service via email. So we can promptly advise local officials, security people, port authorities etc if they ask you or us to confirm you are a legitimate cruiser.

  • We retain your vessel and crew details, photos, scanned documents etc on-file to help organise changes, extensions etc while you are on passage or in an isolated anchorage.

  • Arranging subsequent CAITs and visitor visas are simpler because we already have your yacht and crew details.

  • Price discounts for fleets, renewals and subsequent new CAITs.

Pricing-CAIT & CruiseINDONESIA-Support Service for sailing yachts and motor yachts:

   For CruiseINDONESIA-Fleets:  
    ie: Minimum of 2 yachts cruising Indonesia together for
        minimum of 6 weeks  


1 x yacht
(2 to 4 crew)
2 x yachts
(4 to 8 crew)
 3 to 6 yachts
(6 to 24 crew)
 7 to 10 yachts (14 to 40 crew)
CAIT - Initial (3months) N/A US$300 US$275 US$270
CAIT - Renewal (3 months) N/A US$270 US$245 US$240
Support Service - (per month) N/A US$100 US$85 US$80

     ie: Individual cruising yachts exploring Indonesia, or group
         of yachts on transit/passage through Indonesia for
         less than 6 weeks. Or for yachts participating in an
         organised rally, race or event.   


1 x yacht
(2 to 4 crew)
2 x yachts
(4 to 8 crew)
 3 to 6 yachts
(6 to 24 crew)
 7 to 10 yachts (14 to 40 crew)
CAIT - Initial (3months) US$300 US$300 US$300 US$300
CAIT - Renewal (3 months) US$275 US$275 US$275 US$275
Support Service - (per month) N/A N/A N/A N/A


  1. Above prices are in US$.

  2. Above prices are per yacht.

  3. A CruiseINDONESIA- CAIT is for each yacht to cruise up to 3 months in Indonesia.

  4. Our unique CruiseINDONESIA- CAIT service includes a positive position reporting service. Participating yachts submit (by email) one or two daily position reports which are monitored by CruiseINDONESIA staff.

  5. Includes a Sponsor Letter to facilitate visa applications. Each crew member needs a valid pre-arranged visa in their passport prior to embarking from their last port to Indonesia. (Note: Passports: must have at least 6 months validity - before expiry -  to enter Indonesia.)

  6. CAIT and Sponsor Letter will be scanned for prompt email to the applicant. The original documents will be sent by POST.  Courier fees may be an additional cost for urgent or late requests.

  7. Details of our Local Area Co-ordinator at the yacht's planned arrival port (ie 1 of the 18 official entry/departure ports for yachts) will be emailed prior to arrival.  


1. Fees for visas, visit pass extensions, port charges etc along the route are not included. These will depend upon the chosen route, local procedures, courier fees etc. CruiseINDONESIA-Staff will advise in advance how to structure the fleet's route and schedule to help minimise these charges. CruiseINDONESIA's Local Area Co-ordinators  will provide on the spot advice,  and local liaison, to help minimise these charges.

2. Optional local events, activities, tours, shore excursions, accommodation etc along the way.  These are on a cash payment basis to the Local Area Co-ordinator, or direct to the services they recommend.

3. In some locations, our Local Area Co-ordinators will arrange anchorages, yacht security, support/information about local resources etc using the established capabilities of local tour operators, venues etc so owners feel comfortable about leaving yachts at anchor - for a day and perhaps a night or two in some locations - to venture inland to experience what the region has to offer in terms of cultural and natural heritage experiences.

For example, climb a mountain, stay in a community home-stay with a local family, watch wildlife from a hide, take a dawn walk to see birds, share a family meal cooked by your host on their kitchen's open-fire, ride an open truck at night to see owls, cobras and other predators, sleep in a jungle hammock to look for Orangutans at dawn, or sleep on the beach to watch turtles at night. 

For those yachts joining our CruiseINDONESIA-Support Service,  details of local area co-ordinators, services, facilities etc will be emailed to participants about a week before arriving at key venues.

4. On-board email is required by all CruiseINDONESIA participating yachts. So we can reliably communicate  where ever the yacht is located. On-board email is also required for participating yachts to submit their - twice daily - position reports.

Yachts with a membership in the not-for-profit SailMail Association (low-cost email via the yacht's HF/SSB radio - designed and operated by yacht owners especially for the needs of racing and cruising yachts) will receive a complimentary  subscription to our BBRemail service. This supplementary 10 minutes daily connection time will facilitate position reporting, and allow yachts to send/receive small attachments such as jpg, pdf, word etc. So it's easy to update blogs, websites etc with photos, reports etc while cruising Indonesia.

8. A mobile phone with Indonesian SIM card is also required by those yachts joining the CruiseINDONESIA-Support Service, so they have quick access to mobile phone based email and sms services; whenever in range of a phone network. We will send the Indonesian SIM card with the original CAIT document. Yachts need a smart phone capable of sms and free instant messaging - either Whatsapp or WeChat or Skype - and regular phone calls. Phones which are locked by a service contract may not work because they cannot use the Indonesian SIM card.

For more information, to ask questions, obtain advice about routes that suit your schedule, overall cruising plan and preferences, or to join or create a CruiseINDONESIA fleet, or simply arrange a CAIT, please click on the For inquiries ....  link below.     

Sailing the morning offshore breeze along the west coast of Borneo in January, during the NE/NW Monsoon season.  Clear skies after the overnight rain, and flat seas created by the rain and nearby weather shore.

updated: 30 October 2017


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