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Intrepid Tours Guest-house - (Budget)

      Temburong district
      Rural area

Visitors, families & groups

  - 10 to 15 minute drive to Bangar town
  - half way from Bangar to Batang Duri jetty
    for Ulu Temburong National Park tours
  - 5 min drive to our River Wildlife Safari
  - jungle behind, rural housing beside  

For Reservations and Inquiries
Email Us: mail (at)

or phone/fax us at:

Phn: 673 2 221685/6   Fax: 673 2 221687


Our IntrepidTours Guest-house - in the Temburong district of Brunei - provides a comfortable and convenient base to explore the area by bicycle, longboat, raft and river-boat. 

With a variety of room configurations, air-conditioning and friendly local staff, our Guest-house provides economical accommodation for couples, families, backpackers, schools and special interest groups visiting Brunei.

The outdoor covered area is used for meals, evening discussions and to prepare for nearby activities and tours. Part of  Temburong's uniquely protected rainforest is behind the guest-house.

Our Guest-house is the base for our numerous tours in the Temburong area. These include our tours in Ulu Temburong National Park - with white water rafting and hiking options - our evening River Safari (see Proboscis Monkeys, Macaques, crocodiles, fireflies and more), and our Temburong Lifetyle programmes which visit longhouses, markets, farms etc.

One of the bunkrooms. Bathrooms are adjacent.

Strategically located about ten minutes drive from Bangar town, our Guest-house is on the route to Batang Duri, where our longboats begin the journey to Ulu Temburong National Park. It is also just 10 minutes drive from the  landing  where our boats take visitors for our evening River Wildlife Safari tours.

Our specially equipped aluminium boat is used to explore the river mangroves. In the evening  guests see a variety of wildlife along the mangrove lined shore, including Borneo's unique Proboscis Monkeys. After dark we see fireflies, bats and the red eyes of salt water crocodiles enjoying the last of the sun-warmed surface water.


    Family Room - 1 x queen bed & 1 x single bed
                           - with attached bathroom                 

Family 1 x guest 2 x guests 3 x guests
One night Bn$50 Bn$50 Bn$70
Multi-night Bn$45 Bn$45 Bn$65



    Extended Family room - 1 x queen beds & 2 x single beds
                                           - with attached bathroom 
                                           - plus mattress and sleeping bag - Bn$15             

Extended Family 1  guest 2 x guests 3 x guests 4 x guests
One night Bn$50 Bn$50 Bn$70 Bn$90
Multi-night Bn$45 Bn$45 Bn$65 Bn$85


    Bunkrooms:  Bn$20 per night per person. 

E-mail us for reservations and enquiries:
mail (at)


Kitchen facilities are available for self-catering.

Breakfast and lunch can be provided for additional charge - Bn$5 per person per meal.

Dinner can be provided for additional charge - Bn$8 each.

Linking North-West Borneo:

Our Guest-house is strategically located for visitors exploring north west Borneo:

1. It provides a key accommodation facility for people hiking the Headhunters Trail. This 2d/1n longboat/walk/4WD trip between Temburong and Mulu Caves is a popular and spectacular journey. With about 4 hours walking over mostly gentle terrain each day, the trip suits a wide range of ages and interests. It is popular with families, schools, retirees and special interest groups. The overnight stop at Mulu National Park's Camp 5, is in a modern bunkroom style building. We provide a sleeping bag, guide, food and transport for the journey. 

2. At our Guest-house, the hot showers, washing machine, air-conditioned rooms, self-catering or prepared meals, and treated town water supply, provide the opportunity to cleanup and reorganise for people arriving after or preparing for their Headhunters Trail experience. Enjoy a couple of nights in Temburong - with local tours to Ulu Temburong National Park and more - before moving on.

3. If travelling between Brunei and Sabah/Kota Kinabalu, our Temburong based transport provides a service to Lawas - in Sarawak - to link with the Express Bus for the trip north to Beaufort (Padas River Gorge, train to Tenom, or transport to Kuala Penyu for the boat to Pulau Tiga), and further north to Kota Kinabalu,  Mt Kinabalu, Sandakan/Sepilok, the Kinabatangan River and Kota Kinabalu. 

Email us for information about interesting travel routes in NW Borneo that have a variety of activity, tour transport and accommodation options which can be appropriately integrated to suit couples, families, special interest and educational groups. 

Land Transport:

From Bangar (water taxi jetty) to guest-house and return to Bangar (water taxi jetty) is Bn$10 each person for (minimum) two people.

From our Guest-house-to-Beaufort (Padas River white water rafting and train to Tenom), or Beaufort-to-Guest-house using our van and Express Bus:          

To/From Beaufort 2 people (min) 3 x people 4 x people 5 plus  people
per person Bn$43 Bn$32 Bn$27 Bn$25


From our Guest-house-to-Kota Kinabalu (with links to Mt Kinabalu, Poring Hot Springs, Sandakan, Sepilok and Kinabattangan River, Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Sipidan Island), or Kota Kinabalu-to-Guest-house using our van and Express Bus:  

To/From Kota Kinabalu 2 people (min) 3 x people 4 x people 5 plus  people
per person Bn$49 Bn$38 Bn$33 Bn$31


From Guest-house-to-Limbang (ie: walk/longboat/4wd  for 2d/1n to Mulu Caves) or Limbang-to-Guest-house using our van:

To/From Limbang 2 people (min) 3 x people 4 x people 5 plus  people
per person Bn$31 Bn$22 Bn$18 Bn$16


Our Guest-house facilities include: 

  • One bunkroom with 10 beds

  • 2 x bunkrooms with 4 beds

  • Male and Female bathrooms with clean showers and toilets

  • Two rooms with a double bed, a single bed & private bathroom

  • Two rooms with a double bed and private bathroom

  • All rooms have TV and VCD player

  • Satellite TV in common area

  • Large covered outdoor space with tables and chairs

  • Kitchen for self catering, snacks etc

  • Washing machine & ironing facility

  • Tent site for up to 20 campers

  • Jungle walking trail (see sunrise/sunset from the hilltop)

  • Bicycles for hire (explore Temburong by bicycle)

  One of the double rooms which has its own bathroom. The larger rooms can also fit one or two single beds to accommodate a family.

Our Guest-house is used by: 

  • Visitors on our multi-day tours to the Ulu Temburong National Park.

  • Visitors staying overnight to take our nearby River Wildlife Safari tour.

  • Visitors taking our Brunei to Sabah package of accommodation, tours and transport; from Bandar Seri Begawan to Mt Kinabalu.

  • School groups on our special programmes in Temburong

  • Special interest groups - such as bird-watchers and wildlife observation.

  • Visitors following our Borneo Trail from Miri to Brunei, Beaufort, Tenom, Mt Kinabalu, Sandakan/Sepilok, the Kinabattangan River, Tabin Wildlife Reserve, and Kota Kinabalu.

Visitors use our Guest-house as a base to have fun in nearby Ulu Temburong National Park. The Temburong River is a great introductory rafting experience - grade 1 and 2 rapids - for beginners and families. Some visitors learn basic skills here before heading north to the Padas River gorge for more demanding grave 4 and 5 rapids. 


E-mail us for reservations and enquiries:
mail (at)

Contact IntrepidTours  for details of tours, packages and programmes incorporating our Guest-house.

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