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Many of the qualities that make Brunei such an attractive and intriguing destination stem from the nation’s fundamentals. Brunei is officially a Malay, Islamic, Monarchy.

Brunei’s family Monarchy is the longest running example of a benevolent Monarchy in the world today. The Sultan of Brunei heads the government. Many traditional practices stemming from the earlier Brunei, when the population was much smaller, are still retained. These help to keep His Majesty in close contact with the community.  

The teachings of Islam underpin much of the national value system, providing a framework for family, personal and business life.

Government administration incorporates many practical examples of religious influence. For example, on the Moslem holy day, Friday, Government offices are closed.

Brunei's religious pluralism is evident in Sunday also being a non working day. Christmas Day is an official public holiday, as is Chinese New Year, and the 1st of January, in addition to the special National and Islamic celebrations. Twelve public holidays in total each calendar year.

The other dominant ingredients in Brunei society are the Malay lifestyles and traditions. This relaxed and easygoing approach to life contributes to the overall impression of Brunei as an unhurried, safe and comfortable living environment.

Brunei established complete sovereign independence from the UK in 1984.

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The official decision to promote tourism in Brunei occurred only in the mid 1990’s.

Therefore today’s traveler will not find a country whose cultural attractions, streets and services have been sanitized and homogenized for  tourist consumption. The social changes, impacts of rapid development, unique adaptations, and traditional lifestyles remain present to see and experience.

Brunei does not aim to become another Singapore or Thailand.

Brunei's water village is still home to about 25% of the capital's population.

Brunei is Brunei. A unique combination of history, culture, environment, leadership, size, religion and financial security that is not found anywhere else in the world.

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Getting There:

Brunei International Airport is served principally by the national air carrier - Royal Brunei Airlines. Brunei is easily accessible from international routes, with flights from 26 cities including Abu Dhabi, Balikpapan, Bangkok, Beijing, Brisbane, Calcutta, Darwin, Denpasar, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Jeddah, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, London, Manila, Osaka, Perth, Singapore, Surabaya and Taipei.

Other airlines, including Thai Airways International, Malaysia Airlines, Philippines Airlines, and Singapore Airlines, also operate flights into Brunei International Airport.

By road, visitors can enter Brunei from Miri in Sarawak, and from Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, via Limbang.

Express ferries operate regularly daily schedules between Labuan (Federal Malaysian Territory) to Serasa (Muara port in Brunei). Express ferries from Labuan also link to Kota Kinabalu.

Water taxis operate from the centre of Bandar Seri Begawan to Limbang (Sarawak).

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Airport Tax:

Air passengers holding an ASEAN country passport (eg: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines etc) pay a departure tax of B$ 5.00.

Air Passengers holding passports from other countries pay a departure tax of B$12.00

Many airline tickets include the airport departure tax. Check with the agent or airline issuing your ticket to confirm if they have pre-paid the departure tax by including the charge with your ticket fare.

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Immigration, Visas & Entry Passes:

What is a Brunei Visit Visa and Entry Pass?

A Visa is a pre-obtained document (stamped into a passport) that verifies permission to enter the country. They are obtained from Brunei High Commissions and Embassies in other countries before arrival at a Brunei Immigration Checkpoint. 

Nationals from many countries have automatic permission to enter Brunei and do not require a pre-arranged Visa to receive an Entry Pass at an Immigration Checkpoint. (see list below)

An Entry Pass is issued on entering Brunei; it is stamped into the passport at an Immigration Checkpoint. It defines how long the person can stay in Brunei, and whether the pass is valid for single or multiple entry. 

There are 10 Immigration Checkpoints in Brunei:

1.      Brunei International Airport, Berakas (commercial & private aircraft)
2.      Bandar Seri Begawan Wharf (water taxis to/from Limbang)
3.      Kuala Lurah, Brunei-Muara district  (vehicles to/from Limbang)
4.      Sungai Tujuh, Kuala Belait district (vehicles to/from Miri & Kuching)
5.      Puni, Temburong district (vehicles to/from Limbang)
6.     Labu, Temburong district (vehicles to/from Lawas & Kota Kinabalu)
7.      Muara Port  (commercial shipping & cruise ships)
8.      Anduki Airport, Seria (private aircraft - Brunei Shell helicopter base)
9.      Customs Wharf, Kuala Belait  (ships, ferries & private yachts)
    Serasa Ferry Terminal – Muara (ferries to Labuan & Lawas, and      private yachts)

Requirements to receive an Entry Pass on arrival in Brunei:

1.  A  valid passport or /travel document 
The passport must have a validity of at least 6 months when entering Brunei
3.  Nationals from the following countries do not need a Visa to enter Brunei:

Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, The Republic of Maldives, Norway, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines - receive a 14 day visit pass on arrival

Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom - receive a 30 day visit pass on arrival

United States - receive a 90 day visit pass on arrival

If you plan to travel in and out of Brunei during the period of your entry pass, be sure to request a multiple-entry visit pass

Nationals from other countries require a valid pre-arranged Visa in their passport prior to arrival in Brunei

5. A Transit Visa  can be obtained at any immigration entry point by any nationality on arrival if arriving from one country/port/town and traveling on to a different country/port/town. Transit visas cannot be issued if you are returning to the place of embarkation where your flight/boat etc started from. Transit visas are only available for up to 72 hour period. 

It is possible to apply for a Visit Pass or Transit Pass extension at the Immigration Office once admitted to Brunei.

Nationals who require a Visa and who intend to travel in an out of Brunei during the validity period of their visa should ensure they apply for a multiple entry visa.

Nationals from Israel are not normally granted a Visa for Brunei.

How to apply for a pre-arranged Visitor Visa?

Submit an application to the Brunei Embassy or High Commission where the applicant resides.

Submit an application to any other Brunei Embassy or High Commission in any other country. 

. Be prepared to show evidence of a return or ongoing ticket, or other means of leaving the country eg: vehicle, yacht etc.  

Visit Visa/Entry Pass Fees (valid from 1st September 2005):

Transit Pass -     Bn$5.00  
Single Entry -    
Multiple Entry -    B$50.00


1. Be careful to select the desired Visa type on the application form at the point of entry.

2. Be sure to have small denomination notes in Brunei or Singapore currency to pay for the Visa; Immigration officials don’t operate a foreign currency exchange service, and it’s very likely they won’t have change for big notes.


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Foreign Embassies & High Commissions:


Australian High Commission
4th Floor, Teck Guan Plaza,  
Jalan Sultan,  
Bandar Seri Begawan BS 8811,  
Brunei Darussalam  
Tel : 673 2229435  
Fax ; 673 2221652  
Email :    



Austrian Consulate General  
No.5, Taman Jubli, Simpang 75,

Jlaan Subok,
Bandar Seri Begawan BD 2717,  
Brunei Darussalam  
Tel/Fax: 673 2261083  



High Commission of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh  
AAR Villa, No5, Simpang 308, Kampong Lambak Kanan,  
Berakas BB 1714  
Brunei Darussalam  
Tel : 673 2394716  
Fax : 673 2394715


Consulate of Belgium  
No 6 Simpang 545-7, Jalan Kota Batu,  
Bandar Seri Begawan BD 1717  
Brunei Darussalam  
Tel : 673 2787058/9/60  
Fax : 673 2787094    



British High Commission  
2.01, Level 2, Block D, Yayasan Shopping Complex,  

Bandar Seri Begawan BS 8711  
Brunei Darussalam  
Tel: 673 2222231  
Fax: 673 2226002  
Email :    



Royal Embassy of Cambodia  
No.8, Simpang 845, Kampung Tasek Meradun,  
Jalan Tutong BF 1520,  
Brunei Darussalam  
Tel : 673 2654046  
Fax : 673 2650646  
Email :  


High Commission of Canada  
5th Floor, No 1, Jalan McArthur  
Bandar Seri Begawan BS 8811  
Brunei Darussalam  
Tel : 673 2220043  
Fax : 673 2220040  
Email :    



Embassy of People’s Republic of China  
No 1, 3 & 5, Simpang 426,  
Kampung Sungai Hanching  
Jalan Muara BC 2115,  
Brunei Darussalam  
Tel ; 673 2339609  
Fax : 673 2338277    



Consulate of Denmark  
Unit 6, Bangunan Haji Tahir  
Simpang 103,  
Jalan Gadong BE 3719  
Brunei Darussalam  

Tel : 673 2422050, 427525, 447559
Fax : 673 2427526    



Consulate of Finland  
Block D, No 7, 1st Floor, Sufri Complex,  
Km 2, Jalan tutong,  
Bandar Seri Begawan BA 2111,  
Brunei Darussalam  
Tel : 673 2243847  
Fax : 673 2224495    



Embassy of Republic of France  
#301-306, 3rd Floor, Kompleks Jalan Sultan,
Jalan Sultan,  
Bandar Seri Begawan BS 8811  
Brunei Darussalam  
Tel : 673 2220960/1  
Fax : 673 2243373  
Email :


Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany  
Unit 20.1, Block A, 2nd Floor,  
Yayasan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Complex,  
Jalan Pretty,  
Bandar Seri Begawan BS 8711  
Brunei Darussalam  
Tel : 673 2225547/74  
Fax : 673 2225583  
Email :    



High Commission of India “Baitussyifaa”,  
No 19, Saimpang 40-22,  
Kampung Sungai Akar,  
Bandar Seri Begawan BC 3915,  
Brunei Darussalam  
Tel : 673 2339947/339685  
Fax : 673 2339783  
Email :    



Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia  
Lot 4498,  
Simpang 528, Kg. Sungai Hanching BARU,  
Jalan Muara, BC 2115,  
Brunei Daarussalam  
Tel : 673 2330180/445  
Fax : 673 2330646  
Email :  


Embassy of Japan

No 33, Lot 37355, Simpang 122,

Kampung Kiulap,

Bandar Seri Begawan BE 1518

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2229265

Fax : 673 2229481

Email :  


Embassy of Republic of Korea

No 9, Lot 21652, Simpang 623,

Kampung Beribi, Jalan Gadong BE 1118,

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2650471/300, 652190

Fax : 673 2650299  


Embassy of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

No 11, Simpang 480, Jalan Kebangsaan Lama,

Off Jalan Muara BC 4115,

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2345666

Fax : 673 2345888  


Malaysian High Commission

No 27 & 29, Simpang 396-39,

Lot 90745, Kg Sungai Akar,

Jaln Kebangsaan BC 4115,

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2345652/3

Fax : 673 2345654

Email :    



Embassy of the Union Myanmar

No 14, Simpang 212,

Jalan Kampung Rimba,

Gadong BE 3119,

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2450506/7

Fax : 673 2451008

Email :  


Netherlands Consulate

C/o  Brunei Shell Petroleum Co

Sdn Bhd (LGL), Seria KB 3534,

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 3372841/614

Fax : 673 3372883  

New Zealand:

New Zealand Consulate

36A Seri Lambak Complex

Jalan Berakas BB 1714

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2331612, 331010

Fax : 673 2331612  


Royal Norwegian Consulate

Unit 407A-410A, 4th Floor,

Wisma Jaya, Jalan Pemancha,

Bandar Seri Begawan BS 8811

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2239091-4

Fax : 673 2239095/6  


Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman

No 35, Simpang 100,

Kampunjg Pengkalan,

Jalan Tungku Link,

Gadong BE 3719

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2446953/4

Fax : 673 2449646

Email :  


High Commission of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

No 16, Simpang 23,

Kampung Serusop,

Jalan Berakas

Bandar Seri Begawan

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2339797, 334989

Fax : 673 2334990

Email :  


Embassy of the Republic of Philippines

6th Floor, Badi’ah Building,

Mile 1 ½ Jalan Tutong,

Bandar Seri Begawan BA 2111,

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2241465/6

Fax : 673 2237707

Email :  

Saudi Arabia:

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

1, Simpang 570,

Kampung Salar,

Jalan Muara BU 1429,

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2792821-3

Fax : 673 2792826/7

Email :  


Singapore High Commission

No 8, Simpang 74,

Jalan Subok, Bandar Seri Begawan BD 2717,

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2262741-3

Fax : 673 2262752  


Consulate of Sweden

Blk A, Unit 1, 2nd Floor,

Abdul Razak Complex,

Jalan Gadong BE 3719,

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2448423

Fax : 673 24484169  


Royal ThaI Embassy

No 2, Simpang 682,

Kampung Bunut,

Jalan Tutong BF 1320,

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2653108/9

Fax : 673 2653032  

United States of America:

Embassy of the United States of America

3rd Floor, Teck Guan Plaza

Jalan Sultan

Bandar Seri Begawan BS 8811

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2229670/220384

Fax : 673 2225293

Email :  


Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

House 16, Simpang 538-37-20

Jalan Kebangsaan Lama,

Bandar Seri Begawan BC 4115,

Brunei Darussalam

Tel : 673 2343167/8

Fax : 673 2343169

Email :

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Time Zone:

Brunei is eight hours ahead of London (UTC) and 16 hours ahead of US Pacific Standard Time. 

The time zone is the same as Perth, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei.

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Government schools teach in Malay for the early primary years, then English. Most people you meet will speak far better English than your Malay is ever likely to become.

Locals will be keen to help if you try to use some Malay phrases and words for simple interactions.

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Temperatures in Brunei range from 26 to 35 degrees Celsius, so loose-weave (cotton, not wool) fabrics in light colours are recommended. Women are asked to dress modestly, in deference to local custom.

In the street and public places, local traditions indicate full-length clothing with minimal skin exposed. People will be more comfortable  interacting with you if you follow a similar style. Legs and bare shoulders will attract distant attention, but not much respect or help.

For men and women, loose fitting, lightweight, light coloured, long, shirts, trousers, skirts etc are both practical in terms of sun protection, and in tune with local customs. Short sleeved shirts or tops are fine for casual wear; sleeveless less so.

Many Malay women wear a Tudong, a scarf covering their head and hair, especially when working at government offices, or at official functions. Non Moslem women in Brunei, including foreign visitors, do not need to wear this.

Modest, loose fitting, and full length is both respectful of local standards, and practical. 

If you are engaged in sports, swimming or adventure activities, the normal attire for that activity is worn.

Bring a practical hat to protect face and neck. The sun is hot.

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Brunei is not a bargain hunter’s paradise; with a population of just 300,000 the range is limited.

Nevertheless, you can get most things. Supermarkets stock both regional and western foods, including air freighted fresh vegetables. Cameras, film (and 2 hour processing), batteries, T-shirts, souvenirs, and all the normal visitor requirements are available at gift shops and specialist outlets.

People from nearby Sabah and Sarawak come to Brunei to buy  quality cloth, fresh imported fruit and vegetables, and imported canned and dry foods.  Brunei is very well supplied with overseas food items.

Fully air conditioned shopping malls and department stores can provide the focal point for a cool afternoon out of the sun, browsing through brand name boutiques and specialist shops. Small cafe's, fast food outlets and large food halls provide a distraction from shopping, all within the same complex.   

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Currency & Money:

The Brunei dollar is on par with the Singapore dollar. Brunei notes can be used in Singapore and vice-versa There is no restriction on import or export of money.

Banks, hotels and major department stores can cash traveler's cheques; but the fees are usually high. This is normal across Asia because bank charges are high.

Major credit cards are widely accepted at hotels and shops. However most hotels, tour operators, travel agents and especially shops will charge an additional 3% to 5% for payment by credit/debit card. This is an Asia wide practice. It reflects the high fees banks and credit/debit card companies charge, and the high level of credit card fraud. Luxury hotels and other high margin service providers may not charge for credit/debit card use.

Like other Asian countries, Brunei shops, hotels, tour operators, travel agents etc prefer cash. Paying by cash will save you money.  

Standard Chartered and HSBC are the most widely represented overseas banks. Citibank also has branches. 

There are numerous ATMs in central Bandar Seri Begawan, other major shopping areas and in or near most hotels where Brunei cash can be obtained using credit cards and most international bank account cards. Despite the charges using this method, it's usually cheaper than paying credit/debit card charges.

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Eating Out:

Bruneian's travel extensively and enjoy a cosmopolitan palate, so there is plenty of variety in food styles and tastes.

Seafood, Italian, Indian, Malay, Chinese, Thai, roast beef, big steaks, salad bars, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, fish and chips, deserts, cakes and lots more. Eat all you like buffets with a mix of Asian and Western foods. Poolside steamboats, BBQ’s, and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Plus fine dining restaurants with service and style.  

You won’t be hungry, whatever your choice.

But if you want to discover the traditional foods and what locals eat at home, go to the night stalls, the small (non air conditioned) cafes, and the roadside food hawkers. Banana fritters, Yam fritters, fried noodles, soto, roasted peanuts, kolomei. And at the non-halal (ie: non-Moslem cooking) Chinese cafes, even that great western favourite, Sweet and Sour Pork.

Eating the local way is also cheap. A comparable meal in a local cafe will be billed a similar figure as in a London eatery. But the currency conversion makes it about 2.7 times cheaper.

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At  5 degrees north of the equator, it’s hot all year round, between 22 Celsius at night and 32 Celsius (in the shade) during the day. Humid every day. But it’s bearable, because the breeze blows most days. It’s not a big city with heat trapped in acres of asphalt, concrete and reflected from opposing buildings.

The North East Monsoon (rainy) season is roughly November to March. Stronger breezes, afternoon rain showers, and overnight rain storms mostly followed by fresh air and clear blue skies the next morning.  Rivers carry a lot of silt at this time of the year, so coastal waters for some distance offshore tend to be cloudy. 

The South East Monsoon (dry) season is roughly April to October. Light afternoon breezes (great at the beach), clear ocean water, long sunny days, and occasional evening downpours.

Brunei is not within the tropical storm (Cyclone, Typhoon, Hurricane) band and does not experience such violent weather.

The sea water temperature ranges around 27 degrees Celsius all year. Great for boating and water sports. 

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Brunei's modern history has links to the movement of different civilisations, as traders or colonisers, which moved into and out of Borneo. The history, development and traditions of Brunei are well documented and presented for visitors. Since Brunei once included all of Borneo and part of the Philippines, the history of Brunei also includes the history of these areas. Brunei's museums and other institutions that record and preserve culture, as well as the natural history, are extremely well presented. 

In addition to its Natural History displays, the Brunei Museum houses Islamic art and Brunei artifacts from the 9th and 10th centuries.

The Brunei Museum features special displays on the petrochemical industry, and the recently recovered 16th century shipwreck, with its remarkable treasure of pottery and artifacts that give an insight into lifer and regional trading at that time. 

The Arts and Handicraft Centre trains today's craftsmen and women in the skills to create traditional fabrics, jewelery, clothing, copperware and other practical necessities of Brunei's past lifestyles. The well laid out display gives an insight into the life and cultural traditions associated with Brunei's long history.

Other buildings and displays which give an insight into Brunei's rich history and traditions include the Malay Technology Museum, Istanas (Palaces) of the previous and current Sultan, and the Royal Regalia Centre. They all provide a captivating insight into the culture, development and intriguing history.    

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Approximately 60% of the population is under the age of 25. Vast improvements in medical facilities, public health services, and other community health factors have occurred since Brunei took a half ownership in it’s petroleum industry in the mid 1970’s.

All town water supplies are treated. Water is mostly drawn from isolated rainforest dams. Some people buy bottled water; most don’t. Cold drinks and glasses of water in café’s are usually made from boiled town water, cooled with ice; also made from boiled town water.

Malaria was eliminated from Brunei about 20 years ago through a determined government programme of spraying and public awareness. Anti-malaria treatment is not recommended or commonly used in Brunei. University researchers living for years deep in Brunei’s jungle don’t take anti Malaria medication. The incidence of Malaria is extremely low.

Specialist tropical medicine doctors report Brunei is a professional non-event. The quality and widespread availability of public health and medical services minimises problems. 

Food hygiene standards at restaurants, café’s, night stalls etc are excellent. Very few problems ever reported.

The same is not necessarily the case when venturing into other areas of Borneo. Take care with all the above topics. 

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Brunei has numerous private clinics, and a major public hospital. 

Medical facilities and services are substantial considering the size of population. But all specialisations and procedures cannot be realistically provided. Bruneians often choose to go overseas for their medical care.

Visitors should ensure they have a medical insurance policy that also provides choice of facilities and professional care. Most people make choices about the quality and cost of medical care they prefer at home. The same approach to choice applies when traveling. Ensure your travel insurance gives you the ability to choose your service provider, along with cover for international air evacuation, and further medical care outside of Brunei, or Borneo.

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Jerudong Park Playground:

Jerudong Park Playground is an outdoor theme park full of gentle and not so gentle rides, games, simulators and amusements. A great place to spend the cool of an evening. 

The Playground is open Wednesday to Sunday evenings, starting from 1700 (5 pm). Rides stop operation for evening prayers, effectively from 1800 (6 pm) to 2000 (8 pm). The park closes at midnight most evenings, and as late as 0200 (2 am) on Saturday night.

Select a meal here from the range of up market food stalls, then stroll over to the playground entrance. 

Entrance is free, and ride tickets include use of the buggy service to ride around the extensive park.

An unlimited all rides pass is only Bn$15 for adults and $5 for children. 

The rides and games range from very gentle to extreme, so there is something for everyone.  Dedicated thrill seeker, young children, mum and dad will all have fun. Between rides there are covered rest areas surrounded by manicured lawns and gardens where you can catch your breath.

The most popular rides are the Log Flume, Go-carts, Pony Express and Rotating Tower.  

The rides and facilities were developed by the Royal Family for the benefit of the community, and visitors. So expect to see the biggest and best versions of ride attractions that feature in similar overseas theme parks.

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Calls for GSM digital mobile phones registered for international roaming will find you in built up areas, and along major roads. Check with your service provider that they, or your national carrier, have a reciprocal arrangement with DST, Brunei’s mobile phone service operator.

Fax is available at hotels and post offices. Most businesses have a fax machine.

Internet e-mail from friends' homes, businesses, some hotels or Brunei’s Cyber Café.

ISD direct dialing phone service in most areas.

CNN, BBC, Star, and a range of other TV services in most homes and hotels. Plus RTB, Brunei’s local news and entertainment TV station.

Capital and Capital Gold, direct from London, on the FM radio service. Plus local stations with a mixture of Malay and Western programming.

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There are no retail outlets for alcohol in Brunei. 

Non-Moslems over 17 years of age entering the country may bring with them two bottles of spirits/wine, and twelve cans of beer per person. Fill out the details on the yellow form at Customs, so you have a record it has been legitimately imported. Keep the yellow form with you.

Consumption of alcohol should be limited to the privacy of friends' homes, hotel rooms etc. Bruneians are  tolerant of the needs and practices of other cultures. It’s important to respect and preserve that tolerance by being discreet.

Many restaurants and hotel dining rooms will help open and serve wine or beer at your table if it is consumed discreetly and does not offend other patrons. Drinking your legally imported alcohol openly is quite OK at Royal Brunei Yacht Club premises.

This limitation on excessive alcohol consumption does produce distinct advantages for visitors who wish to interact with the community and explore the local lifestyles. The roads are safer, and strolling the streets, river fronts and beaches is a relaxed experience.  

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Duty-Free Allowance:

Arriving passengers over 17 years of age are allowed 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco. 60ml of perfume and 250ml of toilet water are also permitted to be brought in. Non-Muslims over 17 years of age may bring in not more than 2 bottles of liquor and 12 cans of beer (personal consumption only). These must be declared upon arrival by the passengers. 


Traditionally, rivers and bays provided the efficient transport corridors. The jungle is too dense and recovers too fast for traditional manual methods to maintain large scale transport corridors. And the soil is too jelly like to support small hoofed animals towing narrow wheeled carts. Boats were the principal vehicle for moving people and goods. This still occurs today in Brunei's water village, and in many aspects of traditional commercial activity, such as vegetable production and distribution.

New technology has tamed the jungle and the soil, people can now live on land, and road transport provides the bulk of private transport. Since the decision to encourage tourism, major developments in quality public busses and low cost taxi operations have occurred.

The public bus network in Bandar Seri Begawan is cheap, comfortable (air conditioned) and regular. Public buses serve the airport and connect to most BSB and Jerudong hotels.

Royal Brunei Airlines is the only international carrier focused on Borneo. Their network of Borneo, regional and international flights radiate out from Brunei. Using RBA flights will generally give the shortest flying times to Brunei, and Borneo, from Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and North America. Only Royal Brunei Airlines flies directly into Borneo because only Brunei's capital city is on Borneo. 

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Car Rental & Taxis:

The airport is about 11 kilometres from the capital. Taxis and car rentals are available here. 

The roads are not congested so traveling time between the airport and city hotels is approximately five to fifteen minutes. Jerudong hotels are fifteen to twenty minutes driving time from the airport.

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Visit Us:

Brunei Darussalam is different. That’s part of its attraction.

Preserved traditions, values and environment, in combination with modern products, services, and lifestyles, gives it a unique quality that can't be duplicated or experienced elsewhere. 

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Brunei - It's different. It's intriguing.
It's your window into Borneo.



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