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Brunei Darussalam - literally "The Abode of Peace" - is the calm eye at the centre of the dynamic storm that's changing South East Asia. 

Throughout South East Asia is the swirling rush of development, as people and nations fast track themselves through the agricultural, industrial and information revolutions that took centuries of slow evolution in western nations.

Brunei - a small and self sufficient nation of at the geographic centre of South East Asia. 

Amidst the pressured commercialism that accompanies the changing South East Asian landscape, Brunei stands alone, largely untroubled by environmental destruction, industrial pollution and frenzied commercial congestion.

Protected by the political stability of an almost 700 year  family monarchy, and the financial security of its oil and gas resources, Brunei is a green oasis at the heart of South East Asia. 

A unique blend of modern facilities and services with traditional lifestyles, protected jungles, Islamic values, mangrove reserves, Royal traditions and Malay culture.

Brunei has taken the opportunity to preserve it's environment, and its culture. 

Compact and uncongested, one hour travel from the centre of the capital takes you to the edge of untouched primary rainforest, the anchorage above your first wreck dive, or beautifully sculptured parklands and lakes.

Ride a raft down rapids listening to jungle sounds, explore traditional food and night markets, stroll along undeveloped beaches, indulge in a range of western and regional foods, immerse in  traditional lifestyles, cool off in a hotel pool, or a quiet jungle stream, disappear for hours in natural and cultural history museums, enjoy The Royal Experience  lifestyles, or thrill to wild rides at Jerudong Park Playground. 

With a population of  330,000, the relationship between the Royal Family and the people is close. Medical facilities, education, housing and other community services are well established and either free or low cost. 

Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei, consistently ranks amongst the most preferred cities to live in Asia.

Brunei is safe. Malaria was eliminated over 20 years ago. Crime rates are the lowest and public health standards are amongst the highest in the region. Enjoy a walk around town in the evening. Sample food from the local food stalls, and explore the jungles and mangroves. 

Enjoy Brunei with the help of our tours and packages, or do it on your own, using the network of modern (air conditioned) public buses, rental cars or taxis, and the traditional water based network of ferries and water taxis.

Visiting Brunei is different. The contrasts and experiences are challenging, intriguing and exciting. You'll be amazed and surprised. 

Whether your travel interests are being submerged in tropical water exploring a wreck, discovering the cultural heritage,  exploring the jungle and water based activities, or experiencing what  untouched rainforest really means, Brunei has a place for you. 

Accommodation can be a 2, 3, 4 or 5 star hotel, a jungle chalet, a longhouse floor, motel style Bangar Lodge, National Park bunkrooms, or a tent beside the river.  It can be in the centre of town, beside a beach, overlooking the river, on an island, or deep in the rainforest.

Choose your Brunei experience. Excitement, relaxation, activities, or isolation. There are many places where  phones don't exist, and life has a different character. 

Brunei is not what you expected!

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