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 Window into Borneo

Borneo is that large and mystical island in South East Asia
that  many have heard about, but few have seen.

The largest section, which stretches inland from the eastern coastline, is Kalimantan, part of Indonesia. The Malaysian states of Sabah (to the north) and Sarawak (to the south) lie along the western and northern coastline.

Near the border of Sabah and Sarawak is Brunei Bay, and the Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam. With a population around 300,000, and a coastline barely 150 kms long, it is by far the smallest of all the Borneo states. It is also the only nation with its territory solely on Borneo. Only Brunei’s future is inextricably tied to Borneo’s destiny.

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Borneo has large reserves of  petroleum and gas

Most of this resource lies either close to the coast, or below shallow seas just offshore. Being the only nation residing solely on Borneo, Brunei's income from this resource has remained tied to Borneo. The results are substantial in terms of environmental protection, social services, and standards of living.

The world renowned Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre is a focal point where researchers from all nations come to learn more about rainforest ecology. New species are uncovered every year.

Brunei has not needed to cut it’s trees to finance development. Almost eighty percent of Brunei remains uninhabited jungle. Much of that is preserved as Forest Reserve or National Park.

Brunei’s recent development has continued to focus around the traditional water based transport routes that have dominated Borneo’s settlement and trading for centuries. Towns are located close to the coast, around Brunei Bay, or along rivers. Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei’s capital, sits astride the Brunei River, with the modern commercial centre on one side separated from traditional water village housing on the other. There is no bridge; boats carry people as they have always done.

But the people in those water village houses are now connected to the world community with satellite TV dishes and mobile phones. Many work in modern air conditioned office blocks using up to date technologies and services. 

At work, their tools, practices and communication align with modern international practices. When they go home they return to many traditional styles, dress, customs and  community practices.

This unique combination of up-to-date services contrasting with traditional lifestyles makes Brunei Darussalam a unique Window into Borneo. If you have just a few days, Brunei’s compact size, diversity of venues, well established natural and cultural museums, activities, attractions and transport services let’s you conveniently experience the amazing contrasts that are Borneo.

With more time, Brunei is your practical Gateway to Borneo, and the well serviced support base from where you can make excursions to explore the whole island.

  • Brunei’s national airline – Royal Brunei Airlines – is the only international airline that flies direct to Borneo from major regional and international centres.

  • Royal Brunei airlines has an extensive network linking out to Borneo, and the region.

  • Communication services are world class, and reliable. Disappear into a different world, knowing you can fax, phone or e-mail if needed.

  • Pubic health standards are amongst the highest in the region. You can enjoy the cheap and traditional foods at roadside stalls and markets.

  • Road transport services are well developed and uncongested. Get to places quickly, either with modern air-conditioned public buses, tour operator services, taxis, rental cars - or a bike.

  • Crime rates are extremely low, guns are illegal, and alcohol is limited. It’s safe to wander the streets, night stalls, beachfronts, fishing jetties and shops in the cool of the evening.

So bring the family, learn something new, and have some fun!


Enjoy Borneo - Visit Brunei!

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