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Brunei Bay Regatta Series

The Brunei Bay Regatta Series is a sequence of passage races and local regatta  stretching from the Singapore Straits to Brunei Bay - Brunei and Labuan - and onto the Philippines.

Conducted in January and February, these events occur when the   Monsoon directs a fresh North Westerly wind onto the west coast of Borneo, giving exciting sailing in reliable winds.

The Brunei Bay Regatta Series is designed to assist the movement of racing and cruising yachts from the Singapore Straits Regatta (Singapore and Indonesia), to the China Sea Race/San Fernando races (Hong Kong & Philippines) and President's Cup (Philippines).   

Postponement of 2005 Brunei Bay Regatta Series

Due to the effects of the December 2004 tsunami on the movement of yachts and the impact on national priorities, logistical facilities etc. the Organising Committee decided not to conduct the 2005 event.

The principal sponsor - Brunei Tourism - has already confirmed their willingness to provide support for the event transferred to 2006.

The web pages in this site already provide information for the planned 2006 Brunei Bay Regatta Series. Please put the dates in your diary and prepare your yachts and crew.  Check back regularly for updates.


For racing yachts the Brunei Bay Regatta Series provides the security of organised events with radio communications, passage logging and equipment transfer (shipping container) between existing yacht racing events in South East Asia. The reliable wind conditions, unique setting and varied shore venues around Brunei Bay combine to create exciting racing with fun social events.  

For cruising yachts the Brunei Bay Regatta Series provides the opportunity to enjoy  the camaraderie of a yacht racing event, receive the same passage support services as the racing yachts, see some amazing facilities in Brunei's Royal Family recreation areas, experience the unique culture of Brunei, and link into another great cruising area; NW Borneo and the Southern Philippines.  


Map of Brunei

Brunei Bay Regatta Series is composed of three events:

The Brunei Challenge - SE Asia's longest passage race - scheduled to start each January shortly after the Singapore Straits Regatta.  Yachts will race 720 nm upwind into the prevailing Monsoon wind. The passage normally takes from five to eight days.

A local Brunei Bay Regatta  in Brunei Bay following the arrival of yachts in Brunei. The event is built around six days of fun racing and shore events in and around Brunei Bay. 

The Brunei to Philippines passage race. This event starts a few days after the local regatta around Brunei Bay. Another long passage race this 700nm event is planned to finish at Puerto Galera Yacht Club, on the island of Mindoro. RGYC may incorporate a local regatta to coincide with the arrival of yachts from Brunei.


Brunei Bay has always been the preferred anchorage on the west coast of Borneo. It provides the protection that facilitated the development of the sea-faring nation of Brunei - previously encompassing all of Borneo, the Philippines and Sulawesi - with it's almost seven hundred year history as the longest service family monarchy in the world. The Sultan of Brunei governs a now modern Brunei; with its unique mix of traditional and western lifestyles. 

Located half way along the sailing route between Singapore and the Philippines, Brunei Bay offers support services, anchorages and protected racing areas, plus access to visitor and recreation venues in Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan.

January and February have reliable Monsoon winds of 12 to 25 knots from the North and North West along the west coast of Borneo. This is the traditional sailing passage from Singapore to Manila and Hong Kong during  December to March. Yacht crews can expect good sailing conditions. 

An active schedule of evening entertainment, shore outings and functions are planned in conjunction with the sailing. The programme includes official ceremonies, parties, dining out, live entertainment, and BBQs. 


The Brunei Bay Regatta Series includes The Brunei Challenge - a 720 nm passage race from the Singapore Straits to Brunei, first conducted by the Brunei Darussalam Yachting Association in 1997. It remains Asia's longest and most challenging passage race, upwind against the prevailing 15 to 25 knot NE monsoon.  

Brunei Bay Regatta Series


Brunei has regular direct flights to Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Bangkok. Crews and owners can fly in for the local regatta, and passage race crews can be rotated. Competent yacht maintenance services are available in Miri, Brunei, Labuan and Kota Kinabalu. There is no import duty on marine equipment in Brunei and Labuan. 


Many cruising yachts use Sutera Harbour Marina in Kota Kinabalu (Sabah)as their windy season home from December to February, before continuing their exploration around the coast of North West Borneo and amongst islands of the southern Philippines.

Famous for it's crystal clear waters, low cost cruising, great dive sites, inland rivers, offshore islands and unique onshore attractions, North West Borneo - Sarawak, Brunei, Sabah - and the southern Philippines, are a cruiser's delight, unaffected by congestion and excessive commercialisation. 


Please check back regularly for more information, Notice of Race, event updates and accommodation/entertainment/travel packages.

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Brunei Bay Regatta Series 
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