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- V8V2222 -
HF/SSB radio email and voice services

HF/SSB Voice Services for Small-Craft

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's HF/SSB voice service for recreational small-craft provides position reporting, passage logging and message transfer services.  Position reports can be input to the YOTREPS system for display on the internet.  

Brunei Bay Radio, V8V2222 is the station identity and call-sign.

These voice services are provided free of charge to help facilitate yacht cruising and racing; especially in BIMP-EAGA and adjacent areas.

To support these services, we simply ask that yachts cruising the west and north coasts of Borneo (Sarawak, Brunei and Sabah) contact Intrepid Tours for tours, accommodation and travel bookings, and Intrepid Yachting for boat parts, haul-out, repairs, antifouling etc in Brunei.  (Please use the inquiry form at the bottom of this page to make initial contact.) 

Our voice service operates 6 days per week. There are no services on Wednesday each week, nor on Brunei Public Holidays.

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's assigned ITU Maritime working channels are: 

ITU Marine Channel number

Vessel Receive Frequency

  Vessel Transmit Frequency

428 *
835 *



* = Simplex channel ie: transmit and receive frequencies are the same. All other assigned channels are duplex ie: separate transmit and receive frequencies.               

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's assigned land/marine simplex frequencies are:

           4042   and   8170 

The above channels/frequencies have been assigned exclusively to Brunei Bay Radio by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in combination with National Communication Authorities in Brunei Bay Radio's service area.   

Supplementary maritime simplex frequencies used if required:  

          6227  8294  12359   16534   18840   22168   25106   

Maritime simplex frequencies assigned to yachting events, used if required:

         4483 and 6516 


1. If you are making a particular passage and wish to have regular voice contact, email Brunei Bay Radio to set up a regular contact sked on specific  channels/frequencies. (Please use the inquiry form at the bottom of this page to make initial contact.) 

2.  If you expect to be in the BRUNEI BAY RADIO service area and might wish to make voice contact, please email beforehand to request our Yacht Details form to complete and return. The information is entered into our database to recall on-screen when contacting yachts and entering position reports. (Please use the inquiry form at the bottom of this page to make initial contact.) 

  YOTREPS position reports can be submitted using SailMail. This is a free service and convenient to provide relatives, friends and work with a daily update on your location and progress. Email Brunei Bay Radio for information about how to setup YOTREPS.

4.  Local times are for Perth, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan & Central Indonesia time.  UTC times in brackets.

5. Brunei Bay Radio provides a positive position reporting and alert service for those yachts which require this. Email Brunei Bay Radio for details.


BRUNEI BAY RADIO monitors the following thirteen voice channels/frequencies for Selcall alerts:

Codan radio scans: ch428, ch608, ch835, ch1239, ch1804, ch2229

Barrett radio scans: 4042, 4483, 6516, 8170, 12359, 16534, 18840

One radio scans the six ITU Maritime channels assigned to BRUNEI BAY RADIO. This radio is linked to a PC. If a Selcall alert is received when no operator is present, details of the call - time, Selcall identity of the yacht calling, and channel/frequency called on - are recorded for later call back.  An alarm also sounds when a Selcall alert is received.

The second radio scans the seven simplex frequencies. Received Selcall alerts are stored in the radio if an operator is not present. The radio stores only the Selcall identity for later call back.

Please remember:  when attempting to contact BBR via voice or Selcall:

  1. Since each radio is scanning multiple channels/frequencies, it may be necessary to send a Selcall or Beacon test or initiate a voice call a few times before receiving a reply.

  2. If the operator is busy with a conversation on one channel/frequency, the radio will not be scanning. It may be necessary to call again a few minutes later.

  3. Please do not call during scheduled weather and MSI broadcasts.

See the section on Selcall & Beacon Test Calls for further details on these functions. 


1. Use a Beacon Test call to check signal strength on different channels/frequencies before making voice or Selcall contact with Brunei Bay Radio. (See the section on Selcall and Beacon Test Calls for details)  

2. Special skeds and position reporting services are available for yacht races, yachts on passage, and organised events.  Contact BRUNEI BAY RADIO for details.

3. BRUNEI BAY RADIO does not monitor the international maritime safety and calling frequencies. The relevant National authorities take responsibility for this 24 hour watch.  Small-craft with Pan Pan or Mayday communications should first try to communicate with these authorities on the maritime safety and calling frequencies of:

2182   4125   6215   8291  12290  16420 

4.  EPIRBs provide immediate notification of an emergency situation. Local User Terminals throughout BRUNEI BAY RADIO's service region provide prompt  detection of an activated EPIRB. 

recommend the use of registered 406 EPIRBs for fast detection.

Please see our Yacht Cruising website pages for details about how to contact MRCCs in an emergency situation that does not involve deploying an EPIRB. 


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