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Bay and Islands 

Brunei's unspoiled wilderness extends to its coasts and islands. The absence of large scale commercial or industrial operations means Brunei's rivers, bays and coastline are clean and uncongested by commercial shipping. A great venue for marine based sports and recreations.

Brunei Bay is a 35 km wide protected waterway bordered by rainforest covered mountains and dotted with islands. Undersea wrecks, coral-crusted reefs, white beaches, a myriad of marine life and warm water present a range of fun activities, day and overnight trips and attractions.

Three states adjoin Brunei Bay. Brunei in the south, Sarawak in the east, and Sabah to the north, with duty free Labuan Island providing a hub for ferries and small boats taking passengers between them. 

Early morning and late evening are  spectacular times of day to be enjoyed by those who stay overnight, either onshore, or aboard yachts. 

Spend a night or two at the islands, then move into a Labuan marina or hotel to enjoy a completely different experience.  

The long sand spit, beach and open areas of Keraman Island are suitable for campers, divers, sailors and groups who prefer the delights of sleeping under the stars, or in the simple chalets, and thereby get to enjoy the evening and early morning colours. 

Keraman, Rusukan Besar and Rusukan Kecil islands form a small group that protect Brunei Bay from the South China Sea. Facilities on Keraman Island and the untouched natural attractions of the other smaller islands provide day visitors with numerous activities and opportunities for relaxation. 

Picnics, BBQs, beachcombing, beach sports, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, diving and island walks in the jungle or along the low tide reefs are popular island activities. 

Sheltered water and secluded island beaches make a venue for beach BBQs and water-sports.  Water-ski, or try some wake boarding!


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