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The first Mindanao/Sabah-Indonesia cruise is planned for 2011, following either:

  1. The 2010/11 Borneo-Palawan cruises which will finish February and March 2011 at Coron, in northern Palawan. 

    Yachts will then have four to five months to cruise the southern Philippines - and/or do boat maintenance tasks, eg in Subic Bay or Cebu - before gathering in Dakak (Mindanao) in early July 2011 to begin the Mindanao branch of the
    Mindanao/Sabah-Indonesia cruise. The Mindanao coast programme will finish in Davao, mid August. Yachts will depart Davao  about the 24th August for two weeks cruising, snorkelling, diving etc down the island chain leading to Manado, arriving there about the 6th of September.

  2. The Sail Malaysia - Passage to the East  and/or  Borneo International Yacht Challenge, on the west coast of Borneo, which are expected to finish early August. 

    cruise yachts will gather in Sandakan early August to begin the Sabah coast programme about mid August,  around to Semporna, before departing Sabah late August to Tarakan, Sangalaki and on to Manado, arriving about the 7th September.


Yachts finishing the The Sail Malaysia - Passage to the East  and/or  Borneo International Yacht Challenge, on the west/north coast of Borneo in 2010, which wish to carry on towards Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific - or to complete a circumnavigation of Borneo - should contact us for route options and cruising notes.

Morning offshore breeze along the west coast of Borneo. 



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Exploring Equator Asia

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