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Based on comments from past cruisers in Indonesia, the desire to avoid congestion and environmental damage at anchorages, the advantages of reducing large peaks of visitors at shore attractions, and the plan to make cruising in Indonesia a year round experience, the  Equator Asia cruise programme will:

  1. Follow the regular Sail BIMP-EAGA cruise format of small groups of like-minded yachts teaming together to create a cruise group to explore the area in a loose format, sometimes together and sometimes apart as people choose to spend longer or shorter times at particular stops, attractions, shore excursions, resorts etc.

  2. In the case of Equator Asia cruises, each cruise group is planned to be 2 to 10 yachts (ie: approximately 4 to 30 people) to suit anchorages, shore facilities etc.

  3. It is expected that multiple cruise groups will operate, each with a start and finish date that suits their particular interests, time availability, speed, and plans subsequent to their Equator Asia cruise.

  4. Multiple cruise groups can be created, and will begin their journey about two weeks apart. The start date will be the date the group departs their Indonesian entry port, probably either Kupang, Saumlaki or Ambon.   Sail BIMP-EAGA staff will co-ordinate each cruise group's departure date from their arrival port in Indonesia, with a view to allowing about two weeks between cruise group starts; to help all cruise groups enjoy an uncongested experience. 

  5. The Equator Asia cruise season is nine months, from March to November each year.

    A March or April start will suit yachts left in marinas in Darwin during the southern hemisphere TS season, and who's crews wish to take the best advantage of an early start to enter Indonesia, with the opportunity to spend perhaps six months exploring along the
    Equator Asia cruise routes, visiting, relaxing and lingering through the myriad anchorages, islands, shore experiences and local events; departing Indonesia in early to mid September

    A mid-season start - eg: in June/July, or to co-incide with the Darwin to Dili Race/Rally in July - would give
    Equator Asia cruise yachts about four months in Indonesia, before continuing this route to Sabah, Palawan and finally Brunei, by late November.

    A late start - eg: to co-incide with the Darwin to Ambon race/rally in August - would give
    Equator Asia cruise yachts two to three months in Indonesia before continuing this route to Sabah, Palawan and finally to Brunei, by early December.    

  6. There is considerable flexibility with how yachts choose to implement their Equator Asia cruise. The purpose of Sail BIMP-EAGA is to facilitate cruising yachts enjoying an extended cruise through the sub-region, so as long as yachts include all four countries, the exact timing and route can be flexible.  FOr example:

    A late start at Ambon in mid/late August, followed by 2 months months to enjoy the Moluccas and Halmahera islands, and onto Tarakan, Sabah, and quick trip across the Sulu sea (in the NE Monsoon) to Puerto Princessa (for Philippines CIQ) for Christmas/New Year. Then south along the east coast of Palawan with the NE Monsoon to the islands off Sabah, into Brunei by late January, and hop down the Sarawak coast with the NE/NW Monsoon, around the bottom of Borneo to Kumai. Then onto Bali with the tail end of the NW Monsoon; to rest and prepare for an Indian Ocean crossing to South Africa.

    An early start in April/May, at Kupang. followed by a month cruising the islands of Alor and Flores to Labaun Bajo and Komodo. Then Bonerate, Wakatobi and across to Ambon, the Spice Islands, Halmaheras, Moratai and west to Tarakan by August. The Kinabattangan River, Sandakan/Sepilok (Orangutan Sanctuary), across the Sulu Sea (in the SW monsoon) to dive at Tubattaha Reefs, Philippines, CIQ in Puerto Princessa and up the east coast of Palawan to Coron area by the mid October to wait for the NE Monsoon for a great trip south along the west coast of Palawan, across to the islands of Sabah and arrive in Brunei for Christmas/New Year at Royal Brunei Yacht Club.  Ride the NE/NW Monsoon down the west coast of Borneo to Singapore, Malaysia and up to Thailand. 


Morning offshore breeze along the west coast of Borneo. 


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