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The first Borneo-Palawan cruise  cruise operated from January to March 2010. Based on this experience, and the preferences of yachts owners, the plan for subsequent  Borneo-Palawan cruises will include:

  1. The regular Sail BIMP-EAGA cruise format of small groups of like-minded yachts teaming together to create a cruise group to explore the area in a loose format, sometimes together and sometimes apart as people choose to spend longer or shorter times at particular stops, attractions, shore excursions, resorts etc.

  2. In the case of Borneo-Palawan cruises, each cruise group is planned to be 2 to 6 yachts (ie 4 to 20 people) to suit anchorages, shore facilities etc. If multiple cruise groups are planned, then they should begin about two weeks apart. Departure schedules will be managed by Sail BIMP-EAGA staff.

  3. The Borneo-Palawan cruise season is December to March, to co-incide with the favourable NE Monsoon period which creates a weather shore on the west coast of Palawan, clear water visibility (because it is the dry season), and lack of Tropical Storms.

  4. Based on a 7 week Philippines visa (ie 3 weeks initial plus 4 weeks extension) obtained when checking in at Puerto Princessa from the west coast, and checking out again at Puerto Princessa when on the east coast, the duration of a  Borneo-Palawan cruise - from Brunei to Palawan and back to Brunei or Kota Kinabalu or Sandakan - will be approximately 3 months.

  5. Yachts choosing an early/mid December start, should have time  to reach the Ulugan Bay/Sebang areas (on the west coast, opposite Puerto Princesa) before Christmas/New Year, to participate in the activities during this festive period.  A three month Borneo-Palawan cruise  will have them back in northern Borneo - Kudat or Sandakan - about the end of February.

  6. Yachts choosing to start after enjoying Christmas/New Year festivities at RBYC in Brunei, would expect to be back into  northern Borneo - Kudat or Sandakan - in early April. Yachts choosing this option can probably expect the NE Monsoon to have stopped when they are on the east coast of Palawan; which is advantageous, to avoid large seas/swell. Yachts headed to Sandakan in the SW Monsoon can therefore plan a stop at the Tubbatah Reefs National Park - (World Heritage Site) on route.

  7. Yachts planning a mid or late January start (having left  yachts in NW Borneo - eg: in marinas at Miri, Labuan or Kota Kinablau, or safe anchorage off Royal Brunei Yacht Club  - while they fly home to the UK/Europe, Australia/New Zealand or North America for the Christmas and New Year period), can expect to be back in northern Borneo (eg: Kudat & Sandakan) by mid to late April. Yachts headed to Sandakan in the SW Monsoon can therefore plan a stop at the Tubbatah Reefs National Park - (World Heritage Site) on route.

Heading north in the early morning offshore breeze along the west coast of Borneo. 

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